SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite “STFU” Moments

SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite “STFU” Moments

[As we prepare to say goodbye to 2010, SOHH highlights this year’s most viewed “Shut The F*ck Up” (STFU) moments which had us wishing there was a “Wrap It Up” emergency button.]

1. Drag-On Almost Gets Robbed & Brags About It (October 25)

SOHH's Favorite Things: STFU Honors (Drag-On)

“I just came from the motherf*cking store trying to cop a dutch, b*tch a** n*ggas trying to rob me and all that,” Drag said in a self-recorded video. “See the little bullsh*t a** chain, see my watch, my ring. N*ggas ain’t get nothing though! You see the little bullsh*t scratch, here and there, and all of that though. N*ggas tried to rob me but they ain’t get sh*t! Straight up and down. Soon as a n*gga step right up, boop, bop, bop, bop! N*ggas tried to jump on me and all that. N*ggas is p*ssy, straight up dog. One of them n*ggas tried to rob me and all that. Right now. But you know what? You n*ggas ain’t get sh*t.” (YouTube)

Ruff Ryders! We’re all gravy, baby, with Drag-On airing out his frustrations on YouTube, but when you have to resort to boasting about a botched robbery and then showing off your chain while screaming explicit language? I hope you told those guys how you felt, Drag, otherwise you may have sparked a viral beef.

2. Lloyd Banks’ “H.F.M.2.” Doesn’t Match The Hype (September 10)

SOHH's Favorite Things: STFU Honors (Lloyd Banks)

“That’s my problem now is having too many records,” Banks explained in an interview about his upcoming Hunger For More 2album. “It’s definitely not a problem with not having enough. But I definitely want to get in — hopefully we can get in there with Kanye [West] too. You never know what’ll come out. ‘On Fire’ was the last record I recorded [for Hunger For More] but it was the first single I released, so, sometimes its works that way. I don’t want to cut my own self off until the deadline hits. You never know what’s gonna happen.” (Trace TV)

GGG-GGG-GGGG-Uflopped? Ouch. Sorry, but those 40K in first-week sales had us weeping also, Lloyd Banks. Even though some people say numbers aren’t everything, the mass majority say they’re the only thing and with your “countless” records, how hard was it to find some hits? Sorry, but all this talk about records and you only having 13 in the standard packing kept us hungry but not for more.

3. Lil Kim’s Got Nicki Minaj’s Social Security Card, Huh? (November 6)

SOHH's Favorite Things: STFU Honors (Lil Kim)

“I got more love for Queens than this b*tch do,” Kim said at a Queens, New York concert. “I will erase this b*tch’s social security number. First of all I don’t even need a record right now and I’d kill that b*tch with my old sh*t. I’ll kill that b*tch with my old sh*t…Right now I’m in Queens, repping, because I got love for all the boroughs. Y’all see me in places where y’all be like, ‘How the f*ck she there?’ I touch my people — like I said, I got a catalogue, this catalogue p*ssy. I’ll kill this b*tch with my old sh*t. My records ain’t just enter the charts, they made history. What the f*ck is this bullsh*t, this sh*t come and go. What the f*ck, is you kidding me? … We gonna get back to partying, I just want to let y’all know, right, I don’t ever let nothing take me off my grind…” (Real Talk NY)

We love Lil Kim but everyone has to stay in their own lane. Saying you are willing and able to erase her social security number had us laughing at first and then checking our wallets to make sure we still had ours. Threats are one thing, but unrealistic proclamations just are unfair to oneself, Kimberly.

4. DMX Gives Jay-Z More Than A Bark (November 15)

SOHH's Favorite Things: STFU Honors (DMX)

“Y-O, Y-O in this b*tch, n*gga,” X told a crowd of Arizona fans. “New York to AZ, New York to AZ, n*ggas must be crazy, f*ckJay-Z! Ya heard? Ya heard? … What do y’all think is the state of the rap industry right now? I mean, you know, I’m an artist so I kind of have bias views but I think most these n*ggas suck! I think they not only suck, but they suck d*ck! I mean, correct me if I’m wrong, we’re real people. Most of us got jobs — but you got these n*ggas talking about Bentleys, mansions and pool parties, we don’t rock that sh*t son! So my take on it is, you got Patron in your cup? Good for you! You got a b*tch that wanna f*ck? Good for you! You sittin’ on 24’s? Good for you! You got Lamborghini doors? Good for you! Because at the end of the day? I ain’t got that sh*t…” (Goon Boss TV)

I guess DMX didn’t take any notes from Drag-On’s public YouTube outcry because his decision to call out Jay-Z in a brief freestyle before getting sentenced to a year in jail had us scratching our heads. If X should be mad at anyone, wouldn’t you think Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s name would be first?

5. MC Hammer Ignores Jay-Z’s History (November 8)

SOHH's Favorite Things: STFU Honors (MC Hammer)

“At the end of the day he’s just another rapper,” Hammer said in an interview about Jay. “Let me frame it for you, he’s just another man. I think that phrase is better. At the end of the day he’s just another man. Men still gotta be men. He’s not above being addressed…I feel victorious because my point was awareness of the issues. In anything that you are doing, the messaging is important, at least if that’s what your goal is. My goal was – two main issues. One – in the last five/six years however many it has been, you have taken the position that my faith is joke. That my faith is something that you can use in my videos and something that you just wanna dress the walls up with. Run a quick photo by it of Jesus with bullet holes on the side of it.” (All Hip Hop)

MC Hammer? Sorry, but you simply can’t touch this.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for SOHH’s Best of 2010: Favorite Baby Mamas!

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