SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite Legal L’s

SOHH’s Best Of 2010: Favorite Legal L’s

[As we prepare to say goodbye to 2010, SOHH looks back at the crazy celeb legal  situations that left us angry, laughing and often confused.]

1. T.I. Saves The Day (October 13)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Legal L's (T.I.)

T.I. saves the day. Or at least the possible Midtown jumper’s life. Atlanta Police tell CL the rap star visited the scene of today’s incident and told officers he wanted to speak with the unidentified man who around 4 p.m. had threatened to jump from the 22-story Colony Square Building. (Creative Loafing)

Even though some of us at the office are still divided about whether or not T.I. pulled off a huge ploy just hours before heading into court for his drug probation violation hearing, we all agree on one thing. The “King of the South” has always been for the people and finds a way to make headlines, good or bad.

2. Young Buck’s Home Gets Bucked (August 3)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Legal L's (Young Buck)

Armed feds reportedly raided the home of rapper Young Buck on Tuesday because he allegedly owes more than $300,000 in unpaid taxes. IRS agents carrying a shotgun warned the performer not to interfere as they turned his Nashville home inside-out seizing assets that included recording equipment, jewelry, and his kids’ PlayStation. (Gossip Cop)

Thanks to 50 Cent, we are well aware of the fact that Young Buck is broke, but when the headline “YOUNG BUCK’S HOME RAIDED” came up and the rapper admitted it on Twitter, it made us all wonder just how stable “Ca$hville” Records really is.

3. Kat Stacks Gets Caged (November 5)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Legal L's (Kat Stacks)

“Racist a** Nashville town the security has had me on hold for over an hour now”

“Smh as soon they saw my foreign passport they started fucking with me. The police already cleared me but still messing with me”

“This is why I hate white people. Snitching racist b*tches”

“The black securities are cool but this white mothaf*ckers in here f*cking with me”

“I’m getting arrested have fun without me.” (Kat Stacks’ Twitter)

She’s battled and exposed them all: rappers, transgendered groupies, media outlets and even pesky pedestrians. However, it would be the Tennessee police force who finally were able to tame the infamously outspoken Kat Stacks.

4. Ja Rule Claps Back Into Jail (December 13)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Legal L's (Ja Rule)

Wearing dark-blue jeans and a black sweater, the rapper said “guilty” and answered yes to a judge’s questions in a low voice. “Because of your guilty plea here today, you’ll have a record of having committed a violent felony. This is a very serious matter,” Manhattan state Supreme Court Justice Richard Carruthers told the rapper. Ja Rule’s lawyer, Stacey Richman, had no immediate comment. Specifically, the rapper admitted to a charge that involves attempting to have a loaded gun outside one’s home or workplace. Ja Rule was promised two years in prison when he is sentenced in February. (Wall Street Journal)

Seemed like Ja Rule was always one, maybe two, hits away from re-emerging back into the hip-hop mainstream. He began making headlines again as he became one of the most-talked about rappers this month. Unfortunately, it was for facing an impending jail sentence.

5. Joe Budden Gets Moody Over Child Support (October 18)

SOHH's Favorite Things: Favorite Legal L's (Joe Budden)

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of Jersey City rapper Joe Budden on charges he’s in arrears nearly $13,000 in child support and Hudson County officials are on the lookout for him during the yearly sweep of “deadbeat dads,” officials said. The warrant for failure to pay the $12,983 in child support and failure to appear at a hearing was issued in May, Sheriff’s Department Chief John Bartucci said today. (The Jersey Journal)

Even though we resonate the phrase, “Don’t believe everything you read,” this one had us wondering if Budden was a bum, or, as he claimed on Twitter, if his child’s mom was actually “back on her bullsh*t”. Luckily, the rapper managed to clear the air, allegedly settle the baby mama drama and will hopefully continue to issue that good Slaughterhouse music.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for SOHH’s Best of 2010: Favorite Weed Plates.

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