SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: “Silver Surfer Would Annihilate Him For Sure”

SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: “Silver Surfer Would Annihilate Him For Sure”

[In anticipation of the upcoming summer blockbusters, SOHH asks a few hip-hop stars to discuss topics related to the anticipated headed to a theater near you. To highlight the July 22nd release of Captain America: The First Avenger, we ask select artists to speak on the most underrated superheroes and villains.]

Underrated Heroes (SOHH Underrated)

Actor/rapper Nick Cannon told SOHH his most favorite underrated villain, much like himself, carried himself with a humorous swagger.

“The most underrated super villain would have to be The Riddler,” Cannon told SOHH. “I was always a fan of The Riddler. I thought The Riddler was dope. [laughs] Yeah, just because he always had swag. He was always fly. Even when Jim Carrey played him [in 1997’s Batman & Robin], he just killed it. I’m waiting for The Riddler’s own [movie].” (SOHH)

New Zealand hip-hop artist David Dallas revealed his favorite super hero and even said Captain America would not stand a chance in a one-on-one face-off.

“When i was a kid, Silver Surfer was my fave,” Dallas told SOHH. “He’s [on] a different tier to Captain America being that he’s galactic and all, so he’d annihilate him for sure. I never read DC Comics so I can’t comment on Green Lantern. But the DC universe is f*cking wack apart from Batman, so I’d say Silver Surfer would handle [Green Lantern] too.” (SOHH)

Swaying away from the typical superhero and villain choices, New York rapper Sha Stimuli‘s pick lives in the Harry Potter series.

“If I hadn’t just seen that new X-Men movie, I would definitely say Magneto but I am a down low Harry Potter fan. So I’m going to [discuss] the complexity of Lord Voldemort,” Stimuli told SOHH when asked for his favorite villain. “Lord Voldemort, similar to [Nazi dictator] Adolf Hitler, hated himself for being born from a regular human father. It was like self-hatred. So he took that and it fueled his anger as a kid. Sort of like Hitler saying that Aryan race was superior, a race that he didn’t even look like with blond hair and blue eyes. And then you have Voldemort who was born from a human and wanted to destroy them…He killed seven people so that he could take pieces of their soul and put it into different objects and hide them throughout the world so he could stay alive. His whole thing was about immortality. I think that as a villain, that’s so crazy. The only reason he tries to kill Harry Potter is because there’s a prophecy that he was going to die. That this kid was going to kill him.” (SOHH)

Southern rapper Dorrough gave props to the X-Men as a whole, but feels Batman ultimately does not get his deserved props.

“I used to always be a fan of the whole X-Men movement,” Dorrough revealed to SOHH. “I used to always say they all were underrated. Wolverine was like my favorite character. So I was happy how they gave him his own movie [in 2009]. He’s definitely one. I think Batman is actually more underrated than a lot of superheroes because with Spiderman, you see a lot movies and go to the stores and see him everywhere. You don’t see Batman as much as you see Spiderman. I think Batman has a more solid, edgier look too. Batman is definitely underrated.” (SOHH)

Captain America hits theaters Friday, July 22nd.

Preview Captain America below:

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