SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: “My Favorite Alien Movie Hero Was…”

SOHH Summer BLOCKBusters: “My Favorite Alien Movie Hero Was…”

[In anticipation of the upcoming summer blockbusters, SOHH asks a few hip-hop stars to discuss topics related to the anticipated flicks headed to a theater near you. To highlight the July 29th release of Cowboys & Aliens, Dorrough and Three 6 Mafia name their favorite extraterrestrial films.]

Dallas-bred rapper Dorrough said almost any alien flick starring Will Smith in it is a winner for him.

“I would have to say my favorite alien flicks are the ones with Will Smith in in,” Dorrough told SOHH. “From Men In Black to Independence Day because it was more realistic opposed to others. Like, Independence Day, I enjoyed those types of movies because you could almost imagine it happening as opposed to it being too animated like some of the other alien movies. I would have to say the whole Men In Black series because I really enjoyed that and Independence Day.” (SOHH)

He also said the rapper-turned-actor is one of the best alien slayers in Hollywood.

“My favorite alien movie hero was Will Smith,” Dorrough added. “Will Smith’s been in so many action flicks like [Independence Day] that he’s the most qualified to have that title of best alien movie hero.” (SOHH)

Three 6 Mafia’s DJ Paul named a couple of his favorite flicks that he thought were out of this world.

“I don’t really watch a lot of alien movies to be honest with you,” DJ Paul admitted to SOHH. “But I like the alien movies with Sigourney Weaver. I loved those Sigourney Weaver ones from back in the day. I like those because she was sexy. If I have to run into an alien killer, I hope it’s a sexy one. And as a matter of fact, if Star Wars is considered an alien movie, my favorite would be Return of the Jedi.” (SOHH)

Mafia’s Juicy J, much like Dorrough, also said he is a fan of Independence Day.

“I like Independence Day myself,” Juicy J told SOHH. “That’s probably one of my favorites. For me, it was the action and the story. I liked the whole entire movie. The graphics were really good too. Pretty much everything about Independence Day I liked.” (SOHH)

Cowboys & Aliens is slated to hit theaters Friday, July 29th.

Check out a preview of Cowboys & Aliens below:

Be sure to check back tomorrow when DJ Green Lantern gives his own rundown on the new Green Lantern flick!

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