SOHH Special Report Pt. 3: Rick Ross, 50 Cent & The Media Push Rap Beef To The Limit

SOHH Special Report Pt. 3: Rick Ross, 50 Cent & The Media Push Rap Beef To The Limit

In part 3, of a 4 part series on rap beefs and responsibility, SOHH asked rappers, the community, and industry experts to weigh in on the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross and what role the media plays in the conflicts.


The vast majority of survey respondents, 78.61%, believe that the media encourages unhealthy aspects of rap beefs.

“The media definitely encourages this,” said Shade45 morning show host Angela Yee. “Even Saigon said sites don’t care if you have anything positive [but] as soon as he takes off his shirt and starts beefing, those videos get the most hits. (SOHH)

On the other hand, Anslem Samuel, a hip-hop journalist and the proprietor of agrees with the 10.10% of respondents who do not think that the media encourages unhealthy aspects.

“Do media outlets encourage the negative aspects? Not necessarily, but if it sells magazines and papers or gets hits they sure as hell won’t ignore it,” he said. “The media’s job is to report and document the culture as it happens.” (SOHH)

Chris of sides with the 11.29% who are unsure.

“If the artist believes that they will get large amounts of exposure, it may tempt them to do more outlandish things. At the same time, I feel that anything is fair game to report in the media, as long as you report ‘what is,’ instead of hyping up a story with mis-leading information.”(SOHH)

Rappers have recently employed tactics like attacks on family or unrelated persons, talk of violence and even physical confrontations. During the course of his beef with Rick Ross, 50 Cent released a video that included a thinly veiled threat to the mother of Ross associate DJ Khaled.

In the clip, 50 is sitting down in the studio, writing a poem, then the footage switches to a house that he claims belongs to Khaled’s mom. Later, 50 says he knows where DJ Khaled lives and all but takes responsibility for the DJ’s car tires recently being slashed. Then the video shows some men in T-Shirts arriving at Khaled’s mother’s purported workplace. (MTV)


While the majority (40.82%) of survey respondents think that all is fair when covering rap beefs in the media, 29.67% believe that news outlets should not report on attacks like these, which target family members and unrelated persons.

“Attacks on children should be off limits,” Angela Yee told SOHH.

“When 50 went and recorded Khaled’s mother asleep, I felt that he as a rapper was crossing the line, but I don’t see anything wrong with media outlets reporting on the incident,” added Chris of

Stay tuned for Part 4, where we explore the rapper’s responsibility in rap beefs and ask where rappers should draw the line. Be sure to check out Part 1, where the community announces a winner in the battle between 50 Cent and Rick Ross, and Part 2 where we explore the possibility of violence in rap beefs.   

There were 1431 respondents to this survey, 92% male and about 8% female. Of the ages that participated, 45% were 19-25, 36% were 25-35 and the rest consited of 36 and over. Responses were compiled through twitter, industry poll and the sohh community. Other participating sites include,,,, and

[To see the survey results and to get the full scoop on the 50 Cent vs. Rick Ross saga, check out SOHH’s Prime Beef page, where you can catch the diss videos, songs and interviews that started it all.]

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