SOHH Special Report Pt. 2: Rick Ross, 50 Cent, And Rap Beef Turned Violent

SOHH Special Report Pt. 2: Rick Ross, 50 Cent, And Rap Beef Turned Violent

In the second of a four part series on rap beefs and responsibility, SOHH asked rappers, the community, and industry experts to weigh in on rap beefs and the violence they can spark.

As Rick Ross and 50 Cent take their rap beef to the realm of personal threats, a new SOHH survey says most people don’t think it will result in violence.

“There’s usually stereotypes and different issues that people assume are going come into play when black men have conflict with each other,” Bun B told SOHH. “Everybody is nervous about what might happen because certain things have happened to artists before but the reality is that we still can’t pinpoint whether their deaths were rap related anyway. It was just the fact that [Biggie and 2Pac] had rap beef during the time they got killed.” (SOHH)


Bun B‘s thoughts fall in line with 52.96% of the respondents to SOHH‘s survey, who say that the current beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross will result in a physical altercation.

“I think everybody will come out of it alright,” Bun B said. “50 is going to be alright. Ross will be alright” (SOHH)

Others sounded off on twitter and responded with concern to the question of violence.

Ton_Teezy@sohhdotcom “I don’t think it will turn violent. I think it’s a publicity stunt. Besides, they’re too old for all that.” (Twitter)

JeremiahShox@sohhdotcom “No.. cuz 50 jst tryna embarrass him and Rick Ross seems like he doesnt even care about it any more” (Twitter)

But for 32.61% of respondents to the survey, violence between 50 and Ross is a real concern.

“it could turn violent from weed carriers who want to impress their respective bawses pun intended,” SOHH twitter follower Urswurve wrote unmodified. (Twitter)

Japiro@sohhdotcom “I doubt it but, I hope not. The knuckleheads are always the dudes who ain’t making the music. That’s who you gotta watch for!” (Twitter)

Dexter Decks Spencer manager of Detroit based rapper Trick Trick also sees violence as a possibility. He urged the rapper’s not to let it escalate to that level.

“It’s not important enough for someone’s life to end. Please do not go resort to violence on this 50 Cent and Rick Ross situation. It’s not that important for someone’s life to end. We got a black president in this country now and it’s time for us as black individuals to stand up and stop feeding into exactly what the enemy wants us to do.” (SOHH)

In part 1 of this special report, SOHH asked who was winning the battle  between 50 and Ross, and if rap beefs still hold any entertainment value. Rhymefest, along with 25.1% of the survey respondents, said the beef between 50 and Ross has turned him off.

“Honestly, I don’t know about entertaining, but I found it shocking that a man would invade another man’s home and family life in order to annihilate him in what appears to the world as “rapp beef”!” (SOHH)

Stay tuned for Part 3, where we explore the media’s role in rap beefs and ask where the line should be drawn with beef coverage.

There were 1431 respondents to this survey, 92% male and about 8% female. Of the ages that participated, 45% were 19-25, 36% were 25-35 and the rest consited of 36 and over. Responses were compiled through twitter, industry poll and the sohh community. Other participating sites include,,,, and

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