SOHH Special Report Pt. 1: Rick Ross Losing To 50 Cent In Battle, Survey Results Reveal

SOHH Special Report Pt. 1: Rick Ross Losing To 50 Cent In Battle, Survey Results Reveal

In a three part series on rap beefs and responsibility, SOHH asked rappers, the community, and industry experts to weigh in on the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross and how it affects us all.


In a SOHH survey, 71.74% of  respondents said that they find the beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross entertaining. SOHH Twitter follower DjTwyst was among many who find comedy in the rappers’ back and forth.

“I can say it was more of a comedy show but I can say some good hits came from the both of them. Album sales will really show,” he said unmodified (Twitter).

However, 25.1% of the survey respondents said the beef is not entertaining. Rhymefest, whose sophomore album El Che, is due out this year says the personal attacks between 50 and Ross have have turned him off.

“Honestly, I don’t know about entertaining, but I found it shocking that a man would invade another man’s home and family life in order to annihilate him in what appears to the world as “rapp beef”!” (SOHH)

Twitter user leojeanette agreed and added that she is not amused with 50 Cent’s newly created character Pimpin’ Curly.

“NO!,” she wrote. “Unless it’s Madea im not into seein a man in a curly wig.” (Twitter)

Survey Beef, Who's Winning

Despite the controversial tapes that found 50 Cent including Ross’ baby momma into the battle, an overwhelming majority of respondents (62.57%) think that 50 Cent is winning, 16.04% have Ross on top and 21.39% don’t think either rapper is winning the battle.

“The corporate labels that are going to benefit from the catalog and album sales, thats who’s winning…,” wrote SOHH Twitter follower YungFrazier [unmodified] (Twitter).

SoSoulfull@sohhdotcom Rick’s the biggest boss that I’ve seen thus far-50 needs to quit w/the marketing stunts(Twitter)

nappyafro@sohhdotcom I’m saying Ross. 50 has turned into a straight Coon. Pimpin Curly?(Twitter)

bichoman@sohhdotcom 50 fo sho…i think he just has to much heat for ross. officer ricky should hit up GAME for some back up!!!LOL!!!!(Twitter)

Bad Boy rapper Gorilla Zoe believes that the careers of both emcees will benefit from this beef.

“[50 Cent] is into that acting now, getting that acting money, movie money. His dissing it bigger and better if he does it toward the acting side and ross’ dissing is bigger and better if he does it from the music side so I’m just looking at it like both of yall get your money up, do your thing.” (SOHH)

Check back tomorrow for part two of this SOHH special report, where we examine violence in rap beefs.

There were 1431 respondents to this survey, 92% male and about 8% female. Of the ages that participated, 45% were 19-25, 36% were 25-35 and the rest consited of 36 and over. Responses were compiled through twitter, industry poll and the sohh community. Other participating sites include,,,, and

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