SOHH March Madness: “The Brother Is So Artistic. He Comes Out & Murks Everybody”

SOHH March Madness: “The Brother Is So Artistic. He Comes Out & Murks Everybody”

[Starting 5: With the annual NCAA March Madness tournament in full swing, SOHH asks your favorite hip-hop artists to name their rap-based starting five team line-ups. Today, Cypress Hill’s DJ Muggs rolls out his Soul Assassins.]

Point Guard: Roc Marciano

For point guard I have to go with Roc Marciano. He’s just got that sh*t that I like. He’s got that gutter New York sh*t. It’s that sh*t I liked from Mobb Deep back in the day, that rawness. Something about a raw New York emcee before they break big, like that first Wu-Tang Clan album. That first Mobb Deep album. Roc brings that, just thinking about sitting in the New York train with my f*cking Sony Walkman headphones, listening to the music going into the city from Queens. He brings that whole memory of my life back when I listen to him.

Shooting Guard: Bun B

For shooting guard, the Kobe Bryant of the squad, would have to be Bun B. I put Bun B there because he doesn’t miss. Any time Bun B spits a lyric, any time Bun B spits a rhyme, Bun B’s on point. Bun B just doesn’t miss a shot, man. He can get on a record with anybody and shine.

Small Forward: Andre 3000

I’ve got Andre 3000 at small forward. Andre is just that brother. You don’t expect him to come with it but he always does. Whenever Andre puts out a new record, everybody is waiting to hear it. He’s always coming with it. The brother is so artistic. He comes out and murks everybody. He’s always been inspiriational to me.

Power Forward: Snoop Dogg

I gotta go with Snoop Dogg. Snoop’s got smooth moves with him. He can go to the left, he can go to the right, he might even elbow you in the mouth. He’ll have your b*tch on the sideline with her mouth open in shock.

Center: Busta Rhymes

I have to say a brother that’s stood the test of time, someone who’s demo tapes I listened to back in the day and he’s still here, Busta Rhymes. He’s one of the best performers of all time. His new records makes him sound like he’s brand new. He keeps putting out quality music. Not too many brothers have been able to stay in the game this long and put out quality music. That’s an amazing feat.

Coach’s Notes: n/a

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