SOHH March Madness: “I’m Going W/ Eminem For My Center. Can’t Nobody F*ck W/ Him”

SOHH March Madness: “I’m Going W/ Eminem For My Center. Can’t Nobody F*ck W/ Him”

[Starting 5: With the annual NCAA March Madness tournament finally in full swing, SOHH is asking your favorite hip-hop artists to name their rap-based starting five team line-ups. Today, Houston rapper Paul Wall lays out who makes up his All Nighters.]

Point Guard: Rick Ross

For the point guard, I’m going to go with Rick Ross. Even though he’s not physically shaped like a point guard, he’s more shaped like a center or power forward, but man, the way he A&R’s his projects and the way he leads his team, I love it. I love the way he’s taking a lot of artists like with Wale. I love the style too. I’m just a big fan of that. Ross’ A&R and leadership skills are amazing. I applaud that.

Shooting Guard: T.I.

I would put T.I. at the shooting guarding because he always comes through in the clutch. Whenver you need a hit, you can always rely on him. He makes those big hits and I like the way he does his stuff. He always comes through in the clutch.

Small Forward: Bun B

I would put Bun B there as my small forward. I’d have to go with Bun B right there. When Bun B gets on his features, he sh*ts on them features. He’s always going ham on his features and when he gets on records, he just goes off. He kills them. He holds his own with his own records but when he gets on others? He kills them. He ends up having the hardest verse.

Power Forward: Kanye West

For the power forward, I’d go with Kanye West. Kanye has to be on my team. I put him at my power forward because he blocks out and gets those rebounds. Look at Kanye, he’s rebounded off so many things in his own life and been able to bounce back, so that’s why I have to choose him. If there’s something going on in his life, he’s able to rebound off that and slam it home. That’s what Kanye does. He always comes with some big hits.

Center: Eminem

I’m going with Eminem for my center. There’s only a few top, elite centers in the league. Can’t nobody f*ck with him or guard him. It’s hard to guard him. You have to double and triple team with him. You can’t f*ck with him. When the center is in their prime, can’t nobody f*ck with him and so nobody can f*ck with Eminem. That’s who I’m going with for my center. Also, the centers get the rebounds and a lot of points, so I see Eminem has a lot of those qualities too. Eminem is not just one track. He has a broad range in his game.

Coach’s Notes: My mascot has got to be TV Johnny. That’s the mascot right there. That’s my mascot because he knows how to entertain the crowd and get people’s attention. The head coach could be Gee Roberson. He’s with Kanye West and does A&R for people like Lil Wayne and other people’s sh*t. I’d have him as my head coach.

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