SOHH March Madness: “For Point Guard, I’m Going To Have To Call On Tip. He’s Dope As F*ck”

SOHH March Madness: “For Point Guard, I’m Going To Have To Call On Tip. He’s Dope As F*ck”

[Starting 5: With the annual NCAA March Madness tournament finally in full swing, SOHH is asking your favorite hip-hop artists to name their rap-based starting five team line-ups. Today, Atlanta rapper Killer Mike lays out who makes out his Grind Time Pirates.]

Point Guard: T.I.

For point guard, I’m going to have to call on Tip. He’s dope as f*ck. And he’s already short so that makes it easier. He’s more like how Magic Johnson was because of his flash and style along with his skill.

Shooting Guard: Scarface

I think he could be a good leader of the team. He is what we all aspire to be. No matter how good you play, you’re going up against him. He just lays it out. He’s somebody I could trust with the game. He’s never dropped a wack album. He brings it on every time.

Small Forward: Cee-Lo Green

In terms of being able to shoot and score, I’d have to say I’m going to go with f*cking Cee-Lo Green. That n*gga’s one of the illest n*ggas ever. There ain’t no way around it. He definitely does his thing. He can do it all; in the post and on the perimeter. He can sing and rap. So I have to put him there.

Power Forward: Killer Mike

I’m going to be the power forward because that’s my style of play. I’m going to play big, bold and mean. I think that’s how power forwards are supposed to play.

Center: Bun B

I’m going to put Bun B there. He plays big.

*Coach’s Notes: I wanted to put Scarface at the center but I had to switch him to shooting guard because he just doesn’t miss. The team name is the Grind Time Pirates because we’re coming for you.

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