SOHH Long To 2011’s Bad Habits: 5 Necessary Hip-Hop Resolutions

SOHH Long To 2011’s Bad Habits: 5 Necessary Hip-Hop Resolutions

[Yes, we know. Considering the fashion choices, the beefs and — not to mention– the music that we let many of these rappers get away with last year, 2011 was an, er, questionable year in hip-hop. However, it’s a new day now, and SOHH has compiled a list of 5 resolutions we believe your favorite hip-hop personalities need to invest in for 2012 in order to improve their professional and personal lives.]

1. Go E-Vegan

Beefs (Resolutions)

Can’t we all get @-long anymore? In 2011, too many hip-hop artists and R&B kiddies found themselves heating up the Internet with social network mayhem. Before Ja Rule wound up doing time behind bars, he and 50 Cent engaged in a final Twitter joust. Even subliminal responses reached all-time highs, whether it be Lil Wayne getting on Uncle Luke for questioning his Miami residency or Drake tweeting — then deleting — his two cents toward recent nemesis Common. The rhyme-chiding is all good for the followers to debate rhymes and punchlines, but let us not forget that in 2011, Twitter sadly also became a crime scene when Los Angeles rapper Boskoe1 was arrested for the murder of fellow hip-hop artist RoseMos over reckless tweets. Folks, be wary what you’re tweeting in 2012. Remember, the tweets are watching….always.

2. Stop That Damn Cryin’ Sangin’

Singing (Resolutions)

Whenever a rapper sings his own hook, the ghost of Nate Dogg busts somebody over the head with a bottle. Not just any bottle, either — St. Ides. The real sh*t. A multi-talented spitter may be good at rapping, rolling a blunt and walking in slow-motion toward the camera in music videos, but one thing they should never attempt to do is croon on their own joint. It’s just plain annoying, and for certain rhymers, it brings emo-thuggery to an all-time low. Ok, to be fair, a few can successfully get away with the sing-song flow. Only a few. (Note: Your favorite rapper probably isn’t one of them).

3. Check Your Fashion Fails

Fashion (Resolutions)

When Nelly started rockin’ a Band-Aid on his cheek, the heterosexual hip-hop community looked the other way. When Juelz Santana folded his bed spread into a bandana and wore it cocked on his forehead, we forgave that. But d*mmit, enough is enough. Weezy‘s booger-green moon boots in “The Motto” video was straight up hip-hop blasphemy and Drake‘s Sigfried and Roy white-leopard print North Face in the same vid was more feminine than a semi-annual sale at Victoria’s Secret. Now, with that said, let’s get back to the Timbs, hoodies and gun holsters that originally made rap music the best form of fun family entertainment.

4. Be A Boss, N*gga

Executive Moves (Resolutions)

One of the most weirdest trends of 2011 had to be the sudden re-emergence of a rap veteran only to find out he inked a deal with another rapper. It’s not bad enough that you’re signed to someone else but it looks worse when the person you’re signed to possibly isn’t old enough to remember the first time you spit on a record. Take Busta Rhymes and Juicy J for instance. While they have reached gold and platinum success with their respective Flipmode Squad and Three 6 Mafia groups, seeing them make any decision other than create their own label was hard to deal with last year. Busta becoming a Cash Money artist, aligned with the modern-day rap Brat Pack? And what about Juicy having Wiz Khalifa as a boss? Either way, it’s time to start bossing up in 2012. Go for yourself — and answer to yourself. Nas? Common? It’s your turn now.

5. Losing Is Winning

Fitness (Resolutions)

Remember when it used to be cool to have some love handles and extra weight on the belly? Even Beanie Sigel rapped, “Got a little gut so the gat be tucked”.  But as 2011 saw the unexpected deaths of Amy Winehouse and Heavy D as well as Rick Ross‘ health scare, the importance of staying healthy and fit was raised to new heights in the entertainment community. On the contrary, hip-hop has already gotten a few fitness role models as well: Fat Joe lost nearly 100 pounds, Lil Cease got deebo thanks to his hood work-outs and even Amber Rose quit a nasty smoking habit. Hip-hop is growing older and with age, comes wisdom. Out of all things to embrace in thew new year, maintaining one’s personal and mental wellness should be a primary focus. After all, fresh & clear mind = fresh & clear rhymes.


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