SOHH Guest Star: Director Antoine Fuqua Challenges Rappers-Turned-Actors

SOHH Guest Star:  Director Antoine Fuqua Challenges Rappers-Turned-Actors

Training Day director Antoine Fuqua sat down with SOHH this week to discuss everything from rappers striving for Oscars to why he recruited cast members from “The Wire” to star in his latest film, Brooklyn’s Finest. In this third exchange, Fuqua explains his stance on emcees putting down their microphones for a shot in Hollywood.

So what is your opinion on these rappers trying to take it to the next level and make a move in Hollywood, with rappers-turned-actors like Ice Cube, Method Man and Kid Cudi already establishing on-screen careers?

“You know what man, I got love for anybody that’s just trying to do different things as an artist, it’s great. If they want to move into whatever other thing they want to do, as far as acting is concerned, the thing I don’t like about it is sometimes rappers think you can fake your way through real acting. You can’t fake your way through real acting. A lot of cats have to really learn what they’re doing and what the craft is, you know what I mean? And it’s so that they can be stronger at it. So that they are real actors then, I only have an issue when they try to jump right into it and just do it just because they’re popular rappers. You know, you see them on the screen and they just don’t, it doesn’t translate. It’s not translating the way it does when they’re behind the mic, nobody can really see them or when they’re in their little zone doing their thing. Sometimes on the big screen, you’re on the big screen and have to play a character and bring that character three dimensional, to life and have different emotions, it doesn’t always translate. I don’t have an issue with it as long as they really know what they’re doing. But with that being said, man, there’s some cats that I put in my movies that are from the streets, they have an inapt ability to do it. Some of them just don’t have any fear and they’re willing to really put themselves out there and those are all in-between, people that have that ability.”

Check out Method Man & Redman‘s acting in How High below:

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