SOHH Guest Star: Antoine Fuqua Bets On LA Lakers, Reveals March Madness Pick

SOHH Guest Star: Antoine Fuqua Bets On LA Lakers, Reveals March Madness Pick

For this week, Training Day director Antoine Fuqua has sat down with SOHH to discuss everything from rappers striving for Oscars to why he recruited cast members from “The Wire” to star in his latest film, Brooklyn’s Finest. In this first exchange, Fuqua talks about one of his biggest passions, basketball.

Who is your favorite NBA basketball team and your personal pick in the upcoming play-offs?

“The Lakers, man, hopefully they’ll do their thing. I’m an East Coast cat, so I’m kind of split [when it comes to regional teams.] Lakers, because I live in LA and I like the game they got and Kobe, I just think he’s doing his thing man. He’s one of the best we have. And of course, New York and Philly because that’s my neck of the woods. Unfortunately, they’re struggling. You never know with these cats, you never know what it’s going to come down to. It goes to whoever wants it the most, really.”

The Lakers currently rank as the top team in the Western Conference.

Pau Gasol flourished in the role of starting center to lead the Los Angeles Lakers to their sixth straight win, a 99-92 triumph over the Washington Wizards on Sunday (March 21). With the victory, the Lakers were able to extend their lead to five games over the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference. (Washington Post)

And what about college basketball, who do you like for the NCAA March Madness Tournament?

“For college ball, it’s the same, whoever wants it the most. I’m hoping West Virginia can do it. That’s where I went to school. I went to West Virginia State, I got a basketball scholarship, that was at West Virginia State and then I transferred. West Virginia, that’s why their my team, hopefully they can pull it off.”

The West Virginia Mountaineers will continue their championship run later this week.

When West Virginia goes to its man-to-man defense, the Mountaineers play an earnest brand that the CBS broadcaster Bill Raftery relishes announcing. Coach Bob Huggins‘s bullies limited Missouri to 33 percent shooting from the field. They chased rebounds with abandon, bettering the Tigers on the glass, 41-38, in advancing to the Round of 16 in Syracuse. West Virginia (29-6) will play No. 11 Washington on Thursday. (New York Times)

Check out highlights from last night’s Lakers’ win over the Wizards below:

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