SOHH EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Producer Tracks “Paper Trail” Re-Release, “It’s Another Return Of The King”

SOHH EXCLUSIVE: T.I. Producer Tracks “Paper Trail” Re-Release, “It’s Another Return Of The King”

As an in-house producer for T.I.‘s Grand Hustle label, Lil’ C revealed to SOHH the details surrounding Tip’s forthcoming Paper Trail re-release and how his upcoming prison sentence is going to affect the label.

According to Lil’ C, T.I. has plenty of new additions to the original Paper Trail.

“He got a lot of hot records,” Lil C told SOHH. “He got a whole ‘nother album put together. I’m not gonna spill the milk but it’s another return of the King. I don’t want to bust nobody’s bubble but it’s definitely gon’ be something that you would want to go out and purchase. You don’t want to miss no songs on the album.” (SOHH)

Recently the Grammy-winning rapper announced plans to re-release his multi-platinum Paper Trail album with new music and possibly new guest appearances.

T.I. said the project will include five additional songs acknowledging he has a number of tracks he’s already recorded to choose from including leaked early collaborations with The-Dream and Ciara. He also has a Kanye West verse. “I’m still in the process of picking the songs,” T.I. said in an interview. “But I’m also still recording. I’m able to record any time, through the best of times and through the worst of times, I’m still able to record. It may change the sort of song you do, but you never can tell. You never know until that moment gets there.” (MTV)

T.I. has a limited time to complete the recording process, he is due to start serving a one year and one day prison sentence by May 19th.

A year after pleading guilty to federal weapons charges, rapper T.I. was sentenced yesterday to one year and a day in prison. T.I., 28, had faced a maximum of 10 years. He was arrested in 2007 when he tried to buy machine guns and silencers. His sentence also includes a $100,000 fine. (Washington Post)

Lil’ C, who has recently worked with Lloyd, Fantasia Mario and Young Dro, says it will be business as usual while the boss is away.

“We just gon’ keep the treadmill going man, keep the bike running,” said Lil’ C. “It’s gon’ be like he’s here but he’s not here. It’s year and a day. You just let the time do itself. We just suck it up and keep it moving. It shouldn’t be no different for when he comes home. It’s not going to change nothin’. We gon’ keep it like he is here.” (SOHH)

Paper Trail is scheduled to be re-released June 23, 2009.

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