SOHH Exclusive: T.I. Prepares for Jail W/ Lockdown Only Days Away, “I Focus On Today And Let Tomorrow Handle Itself”

SOHH Exclusive: T.I. Prepares for Jail W/ Lockdown Only Days Away, “I Focus On Today And Let Tomorrow Handle Itself”

With the start of his prison sentence just five days away, SOHH spoke to T.I. to see how he’s preparing to serve his prison sentence and how he envisions life after his release.

Though he must surrender on Friday March 27th, T.I. told SOHH that his “official day of reckoning” is not at the forefront of his mind.

“[I] focus on today and let tomorrow handle itself,” he said. “That’s all I can do. I don’t have [to think about it.] I know it’s there. It doesn’t require any thought. I think about preparing myself financially making sure that everything is in place that I need it to be in order for the lifestyle of my family to continue in the way that it must.” (SOHH)

T.I. was initially arrested in October of 2007 after being under investigation.

The entertainer, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was arrested in a federal sting after his bodyguard-turned-informant delivered three machine guns and two silencers to the hip-hop star, according to a Justice Department statement. Authorities said that Harris, 27, provided the bodyguard $12,000 to buy the weapons, which Harris is not allowed to own because he is a convicted felon. (CNN).

Last March Tip accepted a plea deal that would keep him out of jail for some  time.

T.I. received a deferred jail sentence of one year and one day followed by three years supervised release, plus 1,500 hours of community service and a $ 100,000 fine. Home confinement was also part of the deal, as well as completing 1,000 of the community-service hours before his jail time. (MTV)

T.I. told SOHH that he plans to immediately return to the forefront of rap once he is released from prison.

“I might take me about a week or two to myself. Kick it with my fam, go on vacation, let my hair down a little bit just to clear my head and prepare myself for the rigorous schedule that will be placed in front of me to make up for lost time. I’m not gon sit still too long. I don’t celebrate success too long, I just try to work on the next successful opportunity.” (SOHH)

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