SOHH Exclusive: T.I. Defends “Crime Stoppers” PSA, “I Don’t See That As Snitching”

SOHH Exclusive: T.I. Defends “Crime Stoppers” PSA, “I Don’t See That As Snitching”

As T.I. counts down the days until he begins his prison term, he spoke with SOHH and addressed criticism about his participation in an ATL Crime Stoppers PSA, which some have equated with snitching.

The self-proclaimed “King of the South” claims there is no fine line between looking out for yourself as opposed to your community.

“I ain’t trippin’,” Tip sold SOHH. “Can’t nobody challenge my integrity…I ain’t told nobody to go and get yourself in trouble and tell on somebody to get yourself out of trouble. I said man, if there’s an old lady walking down the street and you see her getting knocked down and beat up, call somebody and do something about it. I don’t see that as snitching man, I see that as being responsible for your neighborhood. Anybody who disagree, so be it. They can shove it up they a** sideways if they don’t like it. I don’t care.” (SOHH)

Bang Bang Boogie rapper Mysonne previously expressed his disappointment upon learning of Tip’s PSA.

“Any time a n*gga that advocates that he is the king, that he is the streets, that he is a trap star, that he glorified how he got here, that he grinded and he never did this and all this sh*t any time a n*gga do that and he get up here and make a Crime Stoppers commercial, them n*ggas made you sell your soul,” Mysonne said in a video. “The police utilized you. They took you and made you a motherf*cking tool.” (SOHH TV)

Tip’s partnernship with local Atlanta station WSB-TV for the pro-awareness commercial featured the “King” advising residents to protect their community.

“Hey, what’s happening y’all? Some people call me Tip, but this is about another kind of tip that could help our mothers, our sisters, our brothers and our fathers to help get the perpetrators who commit crimes against them off the streets “T.I. says in the video. “All you gotta do is call Crimestoppers Atlanta. Tips can be anonymous and there’s even a reward.” (YouTube)

The decision to involve Tip was made based upon his street credibility.

Basing his decision to bring in the self-proclaimed “King of the South” on his respect in the streets, WSB-TV investigative reporter Mark Winne expects the campaign to help reduce criminals’ freedom with the rapper’s support. “One Saturday, I was listening to T.I.’s song ‘No Matter What’ while driving my wife’s car. I passed a Crimestoppers billboard at Atlantic Stations and it just hit me,” Winne told. “I think T.I.’s street cred is as powerful as anybody we could get to do it. There is no telling how many lives this PSA may save.” (WSB-TV)

Check out the video of Cuban Link, Mysonne, Lord Tariq as they weigh in on T.I.’s decision to make the Crime Stoppers PSA.

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