SOHH Exclusive: Soulja Boy Reveals Video Regrets But Refuses To Censor, “I Still Don’t Give A Damn”

Soulja Boy

Today Soulja Boy followed up his debut album with his of sophomore album, iSouljaBoyTellEm. In honor of the release, SOHH got the recently crowned "King of the Net" to reveal which viral video he most regrets posting.

Soulja Boy initially scored his record deal with Interscope Records when his homemade video for "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" became a sensation on the internet. Though the song went on to sell over 3 million digital downloads, Soulja has never eased up on the Youtube videos that kicked off his career.

"The stuff that I put on Youtube man, basically it’s just like everyday life," he said. "I keep a camera on me 24/7 so anytime I see something that I want to put up or I see something funny or I think that a lot of people would want to see like me over in Tokyo, the experience when I was in London or the ‘Rich Nigga Series’ that I got on Youtube."

Most of Soulja Boy’s videos contain stunts that he finds hilarious, like the time he blew his nose in a $100 bill and tossed it in the trash, but the teenage rapper admits that there’s one video he should not have uploaded.

"When I first got signed and I came out with ‘Crank Dat.’ This was when it was the # 1 song in the country. Me and Arab did a video," he recalled. "In the video, I had went on the balcony and I pissed off the balcony and I peed on this dude. It was funny as hell when I was doing it."

"The next morning it was on every blog site," Soulja Boy continued. "I was like damn. I got so many phone calls from my management from the label like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Why you do that? You can’t do that no more! You’re a celebrity now.’"

While he may want a take back for the urination video, he doesn’t let that experience stop him from continuing to post controversial videos.

"I still don’t give a damn," he said. "I ain’t really cautious. If I see something I’mma do it anyway but I just know that I’m gon’ have to hear a lot of yapping from the label and my management."

In related news, Soulja Boy has won an Online Hip-Hop Award for "King of the Net." Go here to see the award show and his acceptance speech.
Soulja Boy’s new album, iSouljaBoyTellEm is in stores today.

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