SOHH Exclusive: Musiq Soulchild Speaks on New LP & Auto-Tune Singers, “If They Can Make Some Money Off It, Why Not?”


In this exclusive interview SOHH sat down with Musiq Soulchild to discuss his new album’s departure from the neo-soul sound and to find out how he really feels about all of the new rappers turned singers.


On Tuesday, Musiq Soulchild released his fifth studio album, OnMyRadio. He’s hoping that this release will introduce fans to another side of his artistry.

“My goal and intention is not to escape the [neo-soul] label so much than it is that I want to add too what I do,” he told SOHH. “My intention is not to stop doing what you know me to do. My intention is to get you to enhance your perspective of what it is that I do or can do.”

Musiq made his intentions quite clear when he kicked off the album with the first single “Radio,” which he said borrows from the Atlanta snap music sound.

“I chose to lead with ‘Radio’ because I wanted to shock people’s systems and shock their perspectives of what to expect from me,” he said.

OnMyRadio gave Musiq the opportunity to step out of his comfort zone, work with new artists and experiment with different genres of music. He tapped Damien Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley to lend his vocals to the reggae infused, “I Wanna Be,” and Mary J. Blige was happy to hop on the albums second single, “IfULeave..”

“She put some time aside and got into the studio and did her part and she killed it. Nothing less is to be expected,” he said of the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul.

Just as Musiq hopes that people will accept his musical departure, he is very accepting of the recent wave of rappers who are singing with the use of auto-tune vocal effect. “I totally support them,” he said. “Somebody like Kanye [West] he’s not trying to be the greatest singer in the world but he has songs that he would like to sing.”

“Everybody wasn’t blessed with the ability to sing but that doesn’t stop them from wanting to sing and as long as there’s an audience for it, if they can make some money off of it why not?”

Musiq Soulchild’s new album, OnMyRadio, is in stores now.

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