SOHH Exclusive: DJ Premier Speaks On Ludacris’ “MVP” Claim As His First Southern Rap Collabo

DJ Premier

The Ludacris and DJ Premier collaboration, “MVP” has created more controversy than either side expected. DJ Premier recently spoke with SOHH to clarify Luda’s claim of being “the first Southern rapper on a Primo beat” and reveal the status of another Gang Starr project.

Known for making monumental hip-hop anthems like Gang Starr‘s “Mass Appeal” and Nas‘ “New York State of Mind,” Premier recently linked with Luda on his Theater of the Mind album helping create the hard-hitting record “MVP.”

“I wasn’t really crazy about the beat, I thought it was cool,” Premier told SOHH. “Luda walked in the room when I was still programming it, going, ‘Yo, that sounds like the one I want.’ And I’m like, ‘You sure’ but I gotta realize most Southern artists do like those slower beats.”

The Grammy winning rapper later laid down his vocals which stirred some controversy by claiming he was the first Southern artist to rap over a Premier beat. Many say that honor goes to Devin the Dude who recorded “Doobie Ashtray” to a Premo track. 

“He’s actually giving credit to Devin the Dude, even though he doesn’t say his name, so it’s more of an inside plug,” Premo explained. “And really, Devin’s record was a remix, it wasn’t really a record we did from scratch. I already had the vocals, I already had everything. “

With the popularity of the record, Premo hinted at future Southern rapper collaborations. “David Banner hit me up,” Premo revealed. “But he and I have been in touch with one another just on some friendship sh*t, anyway. The day after I had did [“MVP”] and it came out, I had got hit by him.”

Premo also revealed his willingness to re-link with Guru for another Gang Starr album when the rapper is ready. “I see and read these articles where he’s like, ‘I’m Gang Starr’ so I’m like, all right,” he added. “So whenever you ready, you tell me when you’re ready and I’ll start tomorrow, but it’s up to Guru.”

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