SOHH EXCLUSIVE: “Candy Girls” Insider Reveals Show’s Backstory, “Life Didn’t Start When The Show Premiered”

SOHH EXCLUSIVE: “Candy Girls” Insider Reveals Show’s Backstory, “Life Didn’t Start When The Show Premiered”

In this SOHH Exclusive, April Rommet, the veteran celebrity stylist and cast member of E!‘s new video vixen reality show, Candy Girls, gives insights into the show’s drama.

When Candy Girls, a show about a talent manager named Danielle and her agency of video girls, debuted on E! last month the drama was already in full swing.

“The fact of the matter is that their lives didn’t start when the show premiered,” said April, a longtime friend of Danielle’s. “There’s a lot of history behind it.  There’s tension and bickering.  When you only have 19 minutes to share the story with the world, it kinda comes off as a little bit crazy, but it is a little bit crazy.  It’s real.” (SOHH)

E! greenlit the show in January of this year.

E! is bringing out a new reality show that will focus on background dancers in music videos titled, Candy Girls. The show will focus on a the owner of a talent business as she tries to meet the needs of performers like Kanye West, Outkast, Jay-Z and Three 6 Mafia. Other events the Candy Girls will attend are “the Grammys, the Super Bowl, album release parties and music video shoots.” (Movieweb)

In one episode, Danielle was infuriated when a model broke an agency rule by drinking alcohol on the set of The Dream‘s video.

“In this industry that kinda sh*t happens all the time just to be perfectly honest,” April told SOHH. “Sometimes girls need a little something to take the edge off when they’re nervous. I don’t advocate that type of behavior but it is the reality of most situations. I definitely think that if Danielle is going to keep talking about it she should probably do something about it.” (SOHH)

April Rommett has been styling hip-hop music videos for well over a decade.

A fashion pioneer in the music industry, April started styling music videos in 1994 when hip-hop became a commercial phenomenon. She was every director’s go-to stylist, collaborating with Hype Williams, Chris Robinson and Benny Boom. April has styled the industry’s biggest names, from Lauryn Hill to Eminem. Her current exclusive client roster includes Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, Santogold and Young Jeezy. (DrJays)

All new episodes of “Candy Girls” come on Sunday nights at 10:30/9:30c.

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