SOHH Exclusive: Busta Rhymes Joins Jadakiss On Stage, Dons Emcee W/ New Rap Alias [Video]

SOHH Exclusive: Busta Rhymes Joins Jadakiss On Stage, Dons Emcee W/ New Rap Alias [Video]

D-Block‘s Jadakiss kicked-off his MySpace Music Release show Wednesday (April 8) evening in New York City featuring a star-studded cast of surprise guests, including Busta Rhymes, who crowned the emcee with a new rap alias.

Jada’s entrance at Manhattan’s Highline Ballroom was felt through the crowds’ cheers as he shouted out his hometown and new record label.

“New York, make some motherf*cking noise,” Jada told the screaming audience. “Check it out, before we set this off I want everybody to put they middle finger in the air…I’d like to thank all y’all for coming out, it’s important, it’s your boy Kiss. Big on to everyone on MySpace. Shout-out to Adidas. I wanna shout-out to Def Jam for holding me down, my new family. L.A. Reid in the building, I love you baby.” (MySpace Music Release)

The event was highlighted with a variety of New York-based emcees.

It wasn’t long before Kiss brought the crowd up-to-speed with his latest hits from The Last Kiss and surprised us with collaboration records with Ryan Leslie (“How It Was Supposed To Be”), Sheek Louch (“Mighty D-Block,” “Kiss Your A** Good-bye”), Swizz Beatz (“It’s Me Snitches”) plus Busta Rhymes and Spliff Star (“Conglomerate”). (SOHH On The Scene)

However, it was Bussa Bust who announced Jada’s new rap alias as an ode to his hard-hitting lyricsm.

“It’s my pleasure to say that Jadakiss is not just one of my favorite emcees,” Busta told the crowd. “But we officially giving Jadakiss a new nickname tonight. I’m giving it to him tonight. Jadakiss is ‘The Hitman’ for New York, word up. Jadakiss is what Joe Pesci was to Robert De Niro in Good Fellas…He kills n*ggas so bad, they ancestors feel the pain. So now, with that being said, we are now inaugurating Jadakiss as the God emcee of New York City. I hope y’all n*ggas respect that” (SOHH On The Scene)

Prior to the showcase, Kiss hit his Twitter to alert fans about the one-night only event.

“Yo, I need to know who gonna be at my concert tonight at the Highline Ballroom,” Kiss wrote unmodified. “Look your boy on the road showing love…Just ripped my concert in New York!!! I brought out Sheek, Swizz, Ryan Leslie and Busta Rhymes!! That album in stores baby!!” (Jadakiss’ Twitter)

Check out SOHH On The Scene‘s footage below:

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