Snoop Gets Sniffed Out By Drug-Searching Dog, Detained In Norway

Snoop Gets Sniffed Out By Drug-Searching Dog, Detained In Norway

West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg reportedly got busted at a Norway airport Thursday (June 28) morning after a drug-sniffing dog detected he had marijuana on him.

According to reports, Snoop was briefly detained at Norway’s Kristiansand Airport.

Norwegian media are reporting that Snoop Dogg was briefly detained in Norway after entering the country with marijuana and a large amount of cash. Customs officials decline to confirm the report, saying only that an American artist entered Norway with a small amount of marijuana that was detected by a sniffer-dog. Norwegian law prevents law enforcement officials from naming suspects. (WPTV)

The rap star had to cough up nearly $10,000 for violating the country’s marijuana possession law and carrying an excess of cash on him.

Customs officials would not confirm that the rapper had been detained because of Norway’s law preventing the naming of suspects, but officials said an American artist had been caught with a small amount of marijuana by a sniffer-dog. They added that the artist was also carrying more cash than one is legally allowed to bring into the country and was fined $8,600 for violations. Snoop Dogg was to perform on Thursday night at a music festival as his summer tour continues. (New York Times)

A detailed account of Snoop’s verbal exchange with a local reporter has also emerged.

Snoop Dogg was subsequently asked by local news outlet VGTV why he was five hours late to the event, prompting a terse reply. “Man, shut the f–k up,” snapped the hip-hopster, wearing oversize white shades emblazoned with his moniker. “I’m here…be happy I’m here and ask some real questions.” The VG reporter subsequently brought up Snoop being stopped at the border, to which the MC retorted: “I was late ’cause I went to go get some chicken wings…’cause I wanted to see Norway up close and personal, and visit an old folks’ home. I went to visit a convalescent home. That’s why I was late.” (E! Online)

The rap veteran is slated to perform at a music event later tonight.

Airport officials stopped Snoop at customs and busted the D-O-Double-Gizzle carrying eight grams of reefer. The Agder Police Department told TMZ that “anything less than 15 grams is merely punishable by a fine.” Snoop’s marijuana violation cost him 12,000 Norwegian Krone, or about $1,980.13. We’re sure the fine broke Snoop’s bank. Snoop reportedly avoided the dog pound by cooperating with authorities and quickly paying his fine. The rapper will perform at the Hove Festival at 10:30pm Thursday. (LAist)

Check out some recent Snoop Dogg footage below:

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