Snoop Dogg Speaks On California Wildfires, Alleges Conspiracy

Snoop Dogg Speaks On California Wildfires, Alleges Conspiracy

Rap veteran Snoop Dogg recently discussed last year’s wide-spreading California wildfires which forced his family to evacuate their home.

In a recent interview with radio personality DJ Whoo Kid, Snoop cleared up rumors about his home being completely destroyed last November and hinted at a possible conspiracy.

“It didn’t burn down but it was a fire in the area, it’s the same as my home and my family had to evacuate but they ended up getting out of there safe, the fire’s been put out.”

“That sh*t is set man. I don’t give a f*ck what nobody say. How the f*ck fires gonna happen all at the same time in three different areas, right when it ain’t raining. When the forecast ain’t no rain, no time soon. It was raining four, five days ago and all of a sudden they said fires, and they set ‘em in a triangular area.” (Radio Planet TV)

Joining over 26,000 other residents when the fires struck his area last year, Snoop had no choice but to move his family out of their mansion.

“My family had to be evacuated. It’s right in the area of where I live in, so I’m just praying for everybody, hopefully rain, and that firefighters get it done trying to bring an end.” (E! Online)

Despite the seriousness of the fire, people close to the rapper were hesistant in leaving their home and possessions.

Snoop’s mansion is located in a gated hillside community in Diamond Bar known as The Country Estates. Local radio station KNX 1070 has reported that friends of the entertainer are making their way back to the home in hopes of retrieving more possessions and memorabilia in case the fire destroys the residence. (SOHH)

Unlike a typical fire, it was reported on Nov. 18, that the widespread capacity of the blaze lasted over a number of days and created massive destruction.

…[The] wildfires that have destroyed more than 900 homes and other structures in Southern California, a Los Angeles County Fire Department spokesman says.

High winds have fanned blazes from Santa Barbara to Anaheim…scorching an estimated 40,900 acres of land. Sustained winds eased Monday, but locally gusty conditions and humidity in the single-digit range could continue… (CNN)

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