Snoop Dogg Plays Uncle To The New West, “I Try To Be A Part Of Blowing Them Up”

Snoop Dogg Plays Uncle To The New West, “I Try To Be A Part Of Blowing Them Up”

West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg recently shed light on the “New West” and why he is using his longevity in hip-hop to help guide the careers of a few newcomers.

Taking on the title of “Uncle” to the West Coast underlings, Snoop said he stays on top of what is hot in the streets.

“As far as the New West or the young MCs out here on the West Coast, I’m very familiar with them because they call me Uncle Snoop,” Snoop told MTV News. “So more than likely, they come get my blessings on a record, or through mutual friends we connect with each other, because I always keep my ear to the streets and I always love being a part of what’s new and fly representing the West Coast. I’ve always been one to try to put that on the forefront, so I keep my ear glued to the street when it comes to these new acts from the West. I try to be a part of their projects and a part of blowing them up.” (MTV)

Recently, West Coast rapper WC spoke to SOHH about the importance of staying on good terms with the rap newcomers from his region.

“I have no problem seeing new artists coming out, especially from the West Coast. I just don’t want them to separate themselves from us. That’s something I’ve spoken on a while back and still say to this day. A few years ago, me and that whole “New West” movement wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye. It wasn’t looking good because I was under the impression that a couple of cats out there were misrepresenting us. They were going out there saying, “We’re the New West. F*ck all the old n*ggas.” They were saying f*ck everyone who came before them. But it turned out that was just a few individuals who were bitter and mad at the time.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Last year, Ice Cube turned heads after firing subliminal shots at the younger artist generation.

“There’s been a gang of motherf*ckers talking sh*t about your boy Ice Cube,” he told fans at a Paid Dues concert. “I love it though — I got a message to the new emcees in the house right now…You can’t diss Dr. Dre. You can’t diss Eazy-E. You can’t diss Ice-T. You can’t diss King Tee. No, you cannot diss Ice Cube. No, I ain’t going for it. And any of you young motherf*ckers that do want to diss, I got one thing to say before you do it. You better check yourself before you wreck yourself.” (YouTube)

Following the remarks, Cypress Hill’s B-Real offered his interpretation of Cube’s stance.

“Well you know, our beef with Cube was different than what he’s going through with these young artists right now,” B-Real reasoned in an interview. “He’s gotta point man, he don’t owe anybody nothing. That’s just the reality of it. He doesn’t owe them nothing. At the same time, you know, [laughs] it’s like, these guys ain’t getting no love from the radio, they ain’t getting love from nobody. But once and a while we gotta show these guys some love. These are the next generation of dudes so we have to support them. But as far as what’s going on with that, he don’t owe nobody s**t man. He didn’t get no hand outs. He had to grind for everything. He had to work for everything he has. From the time he was with NWA to when he left. He had to grind out after that. He did that. It wasn’t like somebody was like ‘Hey Cube, here’s your spot, go do your thing.’ You know so, I think that’s a feeling that he’s entitled to.” (All Hip Hop)

Check out some recent Snoop Dogg footage below:

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