Snoop Dogg Names The “Baddest B*tches” In History [Video]

Snoop Dogg Names The “Baddest B*tches” In History [Video]

West Coast rap veteran Snoop Dogg has released a new sketch comedy video where he names his personal picks for the “Baddest B*tches in History”, highlighting various women in different shapes and forms.

Portraying himself as fictional character “Nemo Hoes,” Snoop went back in time to name his top picks.

“Nemo Hoes back at you with a new segment, ‘Bad B*tches of History.’ We’re gonna run down a couple of bad b*tches from the past and I’m gonna give you my explanation of why they were bad and some of them still bad. Catherine the Great horse gobbler. She goes down in history for being one of the baddest b*tches for being able to take hold a mule at full throttle. 14 inches. Mad thrusting…Joan of Arc. They put the b*tch on the cross because she gave a n*gga VD and they didn’t know what VD was back in the day. She was the first b*tch to ever burn a n*gga. Cleopatra. The real nubian queen. Not the fake one they try to draw on pictures but the one that look like me, my skin complexion and my facial features.” (“Bad B*tches of History”)

Snoop also got a bit animated by mentioning the iconic syrup bottle figure, Mrs. Butterworth.

Billie Holiday,” Snoop added. “She was a cold blooded singer, real seductive, voice was sultry and just sounded so good to hear her voice and see her body — she’s definitely a bad b*tch from back in the day. If she was here today, there wouldn’t be any room for these female singers…Mrs. Butterworth. Mmm. Man. On the pancakes? She used to come to life on the bottle…Lucille Ball. ‘I Love Lucy.’ The queen of black and white TV…Marla Gibbs. She played on ‘The Jeffersons’ and she also sung the theme to ‘227.’” (“Bad B*tches of History”)

Outside of women, Snoop recently came to terms for his own NBC television show.

Chances are pretty good that Snoop Dogg is firing up a celebratory hit on his, uh, water pipe right now. The “Doggystyle” rapper has sold a comedy project to NBC, which he will produce and star in, the network confirms to TheWrap. The as-yet-untitled project is described as a “multi-camera family comedy,” with Don Reo — whose credits include “Two and a Half Men,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” and “‘Til Death” — executive-producing and writing. Frequent Snoop collaborator Ted Chung is also producing. (Reuters)

Last month, the rapper-turned-actor made headlines for settling a substantial tax debt.

Rap superstar Snoop Dogg has settled an outstanding tax bill dating back to 2008. The “Drop It Like It’s Hot” hitmaker, real name Calvin Broadus, Jr., was slapped with an invoice from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) after failing to hand over $476,338. But the hip-hop icon is now in the clear – he paid the sum on Sept. 15. (Toronto Sun)

Check out Snoop Dogg’s video below:

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