Snoop Dogg Is A Real Mother Funka, Says Bootsy Collins

Snoop Dogg Is A Real Mother Funka, Says Bootsy Collins

As the recently released The Funk Capital of The World album proves that his ties to hip-hop remain intact, funk legend Bootsy Collins spoke to SOHH about the musical bond he shares with rap icon Snoop Dogg.

According to Collins, much of The Dogg’s appeal can be credited to his unique sense of style.

“It makes you feel really good when someone can take a look at your work and add something too it,” Collins expressed to SOHH. “Snoop is really a special case because he was letting people know where his [musical influences] came from. Ever since I’ve met him, I’ve really admired that about him. Snoop continues to bring it, he continues to be real. His personality reminds me of myself when I first came out, you know? It was the way he spoke – the way he did things, you know? It was just that coolness.” (SOHH)

Bootsy says he and Snoop’s vibe has remained organic since their initial meeting.

“We just hit it off, immediately,” Bootsy told SOHH. “It just gives me goosebumps everytime I think about it. There’s only a few cats that you hang with or know that really feels you, you know? Snoop’s that cat. I did two songs on [Doggumentary] and everybody is lovin’ on that. So that’s us workin together and vibin’ together. [In March] we did a Spring Break show together, so we’re doin’ it like that. It’s an ongoing thing.”(SOHH)

Recently, Bootsy revealed that it was his intention for his new album, Funk Capital of the World, to bridge the gap between the music of now and yesteryear.

“Hip at Funk U” would be the first song I directed at the [younger generation] to on my new album. It’s something they’d be familiar with. The song is really combining the elements to make a sound that came from where they came from: the streets. Funk came from the streets; a lot of them don’t know that. (5 Reasons Why You Should Buy…)

Last year, Snoop explained why he opted to title his latest album Doggumentary.

Snoop Dogg has called off plans to release the sequel to his classic debut Doggystyle, instead opting for the title Doggumentary Music for his 11th studio album, set for release in March 2011 via Priority Records/EMI. “I have been in the game for so long and still have the same passion I did when I first started. I want my fans to ride with me on this one and know that I am so focused on bringing good music to them,” explains the veteran MC. “It’s called ‘Doggumentary Music’ because this is my life and I want to share my music, and my process of making it, with the fans.” (Rap-Up)

In March, singer-songwriter Akon reflected on the impact funk musicians like Bootsy Collins had on the rap scene.

“One thing about hip-hop, it’ll begin to stand alone, a movement by itself. It was just a hardcore drum beat bass line and that’s all you saw. Then, it started to slowly travel into the funk era, and it took over that whole funk era. That’s when the West Coast came and brought that whole vibe to it, so it just slowly came in effect at that part of it. Then as you started to realize that the West Coast was being effected by hip-hop and started bringing the whole funk feel to it.”(All Hip Hop)

Check out a recent Bootsy Collins interview below:

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