Snoop Dogg Banned From Norway For 2 Years

Snoop Dogg Banned From Norway For 2 Years

West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg has reportedly been banned from Norway for at least 24 months after getting busted on a drug possession charge last month.

According to reports, Snoop must wait two years before entering the European country.

A lawyer representing Snoop Dogg says the American rapper has been banned from entering Norway for two years after trying to enter the country with a small amount of marijuana last month. Holger Hagesaeter, the rapper’s legal representative in Norway, told The Associated Press on Saturday that his client “can live with the decision” and has no immediate plans to appeal it. (Huffington Post)

Last month, Snoop caught heat after getting busted with marijuana entering Norway.

Snoop Dogg, whose name is Calvin Broadus, was on his way to a music festival in southern Norway in June when sniffer dogs detected eight grams of marijuana in his luggage. He was also carrying more cash than is legally allowed and was fined 52,000 kroner ($8,600) after admitting to the two offenses, the lawyer said. (AP)

In January, the Dogg Father spent a brief stay behind bars in Texas on a weed-related charge.

Snoop Dogg has a medical prescription for cannabis in California, his home state, but that doesn’t fly in Texas. The rapper was arrested over the weekend after a drug-sniffing police dog found less than half an ounce of marijuana in a waste basket, according to reports. The bus was stopped at a border-control checkpoint in Sierra Blanca – the same town where Willie Nelson was busted for weed in 2010. Snoop was cited on a misdemeanor drug possession and released. If convicted, he could face up to 180 days in jail. (Rolling Stone)

In the early 2000’s, Snoop briefly gave up smoking marijuana.

In 2003, Snoop Dogg surprised the public when he announced that he was quitting smoking pot. However, he gave up his moratorium in 2004. He later explained to Rolling Stone magazine, “I’d just gotten into heavily coaching [youth] football and I saw me comin’ to practice smellin’ like weed, my vision half-blurred and me too relaxed, and the parents lookin’ at me like Snoop Dogg the gangster. So instead of the parents checkin’ me sayin’, ‘Hey, Snoop, you smell like weed, why you comin’ to practice high?,’ I took it out of my game so none of the parents would get at me foul, and they’d let me coach. I did it for two, three months.” (New York Post)

Check out some recent Snoop Dogg footage below:

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