Smoke DZA To Trinidad James: “I’m Pretty Much Just Fed Up W/ This Sh*t – I’m Out Here Busting My A**”

Smoke DZA To Trinidad James: “I’m Pretty Much Just Fed Up W/ This Sh*t – I’m Out Here Busting My A**”

After becoming one of the first New York artists to publicly speak out on Trinidad James throwing shade at the Big Apple’s rap scene, Harlem’s Smoke DZA has stepped up to clarify his stance toward the “All Gold Everything” artist.

Clearly upset about James’ now-infamous words, Smoke said he has always stayed on his toes and worked hard as a New York emcee.

“I’m pretty much just fed up with this sh*t, especially when I’m out here busting my a**,” he says. “Not like I’m the flag-bearer for the city or anything. But I was born and raised here and I’ll be god damned if I let anyone else from outside come discredit where I live.” Though DZA is upset about Jame$’ statements, he does concede that the “All Gold Everything” rapper has a point, especially when it comes to who gets played on local radio in New York. “I do get played on New York radio,” he says. “I’m not played like Future or any of the guys he used as a reference… I’m not in the everyday rotation like I wanna be–like I should be.” (XXL Mag)

Although he partially agrees with Trinidad’s main argument, DZA acknowledged the Atlanta rap scene is not filled with New York rappers.

While it’s tiring to defend New York hip-hop from critics, he has little negative to say about Jame$ or the Atlanta sounds that currently play in heavy rotation on New York radio. “Some of this shit is hot,” he says of Atlana hits by artists like Jame$ and Future. “It’s not like it’s wack. But you’re not gonna go to Atlanta and hear a bunch of New York rappers.” (XXL Mag)

Shortly after James’ mini-rant went viral, SD resorted to Twitter and spoke out.

“im not from atlanta..,” he tweeted November 13.

“its easy for n*ggas to say what the want in front of f*cking nerds and d*cksuckers who enjoy that type of sh*t”

“sick of u n*ggas disrespecting my city like its not real n*ggas out here thats bout that.. LIKE ME”

“James is wilding…”

“this sh*t is disrespectful.. and i got love for every city every n*gga rocking, but that sh*t is wild to me..”

“1 n*gga use it in a bar the next thing its a flood gate of n*ggas jumping out the window.. yall gotta stay strong.. make music n get paid b” (Smoke DZA’s Twitter)

The Atlanta rapper also jumped onto his page to address Smoke’s issues.

“@smokedza if you the real n*gga that I know you to be then you can hit my line and stop listening to these f*ck n*ggas in yo city. U Kno Me.” (Trinidad James’ Twitter)

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