Smoke DZA Talks Dipping Onto Cam’ron’s Surprise NY Set: “Me & Killa, That’s My Big Brother”

Smoke DZA Talks Dipping Onto Cam’ron’s Surprise NY Set: “Me & Killa, That’s My Big Brother”

[After invading Cam’ron’s New York show heading into the weekend, Smoke DZA gives SOHH readers the inside on his unexpected performance and reveals what’s really, really good with Killa.]

Me and Killa, that’s my big brother. We’re cool. I happened to be in the city and I gave him a call. Actually, I texted him. I said, “Yo, I see you’re rocking Stage 48 tonight, I’m gonna come f*ck with you.”

I wasn’t really planning on performing. I just wanted to come through because I f*ck with Killa. That’s my brother and one of my favorite guys to listen to rap. I hit him up and he was like, “Yeah, come f*ck with me.” The next thing was, “Yo, you wanna perform?” So I said, “Yeah, why not?”

It worked like that, Smoke came out the backstage and the rest is history.

EME, those are my guys, but that footage didn’t do it justice. None of the footage that came out actually did it justice. You had to be there to really understand that and really see what was going on and just to see how the crowd reacted. That sh*t was very overwhelming.

Harlem is always excited when we’re f*cking with each other because us n*ggas, we don’t f*ck with a lot of people and we barely f*ck with each other. In these times and these days, there’s a lot of unity going on in my city.

Being from Harlem, actually being an authentic Harlem guy and really outside, to get a chance to f*ck with Killa and f*ck with Jim [Jones], and all these acts that get put on, for my city, for my town, for my borough, it feels good.

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Check out EME’s footage of Cam’ron & Smoke DZA:

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