Smoke DZA Reveals Who Made Cam’ron Hook-Up Happen

Smoke DZA Reveals Who Made Cam’ron Hook-Up Happen

[With a new project alongside Dipset head Cam’ron in the works, “Kush God” Smoke DZA gives SOHH readers the inside on how he hooked up with the fellow Harlem native.]

The new project isn’t really out the blue. The funny sh*t is that we’ve been recording for a little bit. It was just time. It was perfect timing.

We wanted to make a splash and really excite the people. [Our New York show last week] was just a little taste of what’s actually going on. Pause. I wish I could really elaborate and tell you what’s really happening but just keep your eyes peeled.

Harlem sticks together and this is really, really good. I can’t even forget to mention who brought us together. I gotta shout-out my brother Dame Dash for actually bringing me and Killa together and linking us.

Of course I know Cam. But I had never met Cam prior to last year. I was at a show and I f*cking ran into Dame and I hadn’t seen Dame for some time as well and we just started to get acquainted again and talked sh*t.

Cam just happened to be there and Dame introduced me to him and f*cking Cam got to watch me perform and Cam was like, “I f*ck with you n*gga!”

There’s a lot of beautiful things that are gonna blossom out of this situation and I’m just excited.

I’m excited for myself, I’m excited for the world and I’m really excited for Harlem. It hasn’t been a lot of quality sh*t coming out of the town for a minute. It’s no disrespect to nobody. Respect to everyone. A$AP Mob hold it down. Vado holds it down. But you know Smoke DZA is a whole ‘nother kind of beast.

It’s just another point of view from the town. Everybody’s got their point of view and now it’s time for my point of view. I’m excited.

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