Smoke DZA Defends Cam’ron’s High-Flying Capes: “I’m Co-Signing Them For Killa – Not For Nobody Else”

Smoke DZA Defends Cam’ron’s High-Flying Capes: “I’m Co-Signing Them For Killa – Not For Nobody Else”

After Dipset leader Cam’ron raised eyebrows last month by launching his own line of customized capes, SOHH reached out to fellow Harlem native Smoke DZA for a take on the movement.

Fully behind Killa Cam, Smoke compared the rap veteran’s new fashion choice to the early 2000’s pink craze he started.

“I’m co-signing the capes for Killa,” Smoke told SOHH. “Only for Killa. I’m not co-signing the capes for nobody else. People gotta just let that man do what he do. It’s just like when he was doing the pink [fashion trend] and you’d go outside and see some n*gga with a dirty pink shirt on. That ain’t for everybody. Pink’s not for everybody just like the cape’s ain’t for everybody. But the Kush God is f*cking with the cape. It’s because he’s a Harlem n*gga. Anything he does, he owns it.” (SOHH)

Smoke also likened Cam’s fashion sense to his infatuation with donning bathrrobes in public.

“It’s like when I walk outside in bathrobes, it’s just not for everybody,” Kush God added. “You gotta own your look. The bathrobe symbolizes I’m at home. No matter where I’m at. If you see me in that bathrobe and I’m onstage? It means I’m at home. If you see me in that bathrobe and I’m in the hood, on that corner, or on a milk crate eating a f*cking two-piece with your mama, you see what I’m saying? That’s what it means when you see me in that bathrobe. I make sure all of my bathrobes are customed. You won’t see me in some regular sh*t. You’ll see me in some patch sh*t because that’s what I do.” (SOHH)

Last month, Cam spoke out on the unexpected launch of his capes.

Last week was a big one for Cam’ron and JuJu. We were the first ones to report on their epic appearance on the runway at Mark Mcnairy‘s 2014 New York Fashion week. In front of a bougie fashion crowd, Killa showed off his new Dipset capes with his first lady right there to back him up. In a strange transaction of introductions, Info was able to plug Cam with Mark last year who ended up making him four custom capes just in time for his new albums. “I’ve been different my whole career,” Cam’ron says. “Being around this long, you just think of ways to reinvent yourself. I just thought that this would be fly.” (Miss Info TV)

Cam unleashed his new capes alongside curvy girlfriend JuJu in early February.

There were turtlenecks, furs, and even capes at New York Fashion Week. Cam’ron debuted his new cape collection with designer Mark McNairy during the designer’s Fall/Winter 2014 fashion show on Tuesday. Models walked the runway to “Hey Ma,” while Cam, draped in a fur-lined cape with “Dipset” on the back, and his girlfriend JuJu held hands and waved to the crowd. (Rap-Up)

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