Slim Thug & Rick Ross Cease Rap Dispute, “[We] Teaching N*ggas How To Be The Boss” [Audio]

Slim Thug & Rick Ross Cease Rap Dispute, “[We] Teaching N*ggas How To Be The Boss” [Audio]

Rappers Slim Thug and Rick Ross have ceased any chances of a possible beef brewing between one another and released a new record called “Paid The Cost.”

On the record, Slim and Ross exchange verses and pay homage to each’s respective Southern region.

“If it ain’t about money then I ain’t involved,” Slim raps, “If them numbers add up, then it’s problem solved/Think like a boss, move like a boss — Said I’m shining like a light bulb/And if you f*ck with real n*ggas, then you gonna like Thug/MIA to the H, Dade to the loft, me and Ross teaching n*ggas how to be the boss.” (“Paid The Cost”)

Proving the song was not an outdated or unreleased track, Ross posted a link to it via his Twitter page.

“expect the unexpected today.,” he tweeted Friday (September 3).

“Real Bosses Make Boss Moves…New @rickyrozayft.@slimthugga..”Paid Tha Cost”… ..#TeflonDon.” (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Tensions recently grew between both emcees after Ross’ “King Boss” name checked Slim Thug.

“I be in it for a minute,” Ross raps referring to a female companion. “She dated Slim Thug, but now she f*ck with me/She finally made it to the biggest boss, luckily/Rick Ross, see my life dog, similar to Phife Dawg’s…” (“King Boss”)

Thug questioned the song via Twitter and also dissed Ross.

“Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride,” Slim tweeted Sunday (August 29).

“Naw yall ain’t gotta stop f*cking wit him for me I just heard what he had to say about me so if u dnt f*ck wit me I dnt f*ck wit u #datsall.”

“I reached out ask if it was a diss if it was old he shoulda just said dat but no response to me mean he still feel like dat.” (Slim Thug’s Twitter)

Listen to “Paid The Cost” below:

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