Slim Thug Reveals Secret X-Rated Stash, “I Might Do A Compilation Of All My Favorite Sex Tapes”

Slim Thug Reveals Secret X-Rated Stash, “I Might Do A Compilation Of All My Favorite Sex Tapes”

Houston rapper Slim Thug appears to have a secret sex tape stash like the late Tupac Shakur after revealing his habit of recording sexual acts with women.

Conducting a Twitter interview with gossip site Bossip, Slim broke the news of his sex tape stash.

“@Bossip yep gnr I always sing like Barry White to my chicks and record it on my iPhone after sex or befo or when I’m high”

“@Bossip and they say the song be stuck in their heads so I’m #RBTHUGGA even though I ain’t the best singer my sh*t gnr dope ima drop1today”

“@Bossip all the singers wanna be rappers so I’m bout to go take some of their money gnr”

“@Bossip no videos [to show you] but I might do a compilatino of all my favorite sex tapes 10 years from now”

“@Bossip [I got] no more then 10″ (Bossip)

This week, late rapper 2Pac’s ex-manager Leila Steinberg confirmed he was notorious for recording x-rated acts.

“He taped a lot. He taped intimate moments that maybe were for himself that he never thought would [go] public,” Steinberg said. “I’m sure that he documented and recorded way more than anyone will ever know. So that’s why we’ll continue to see things that pop up. … His number one priority over sex tapes, over personal gratification, more than anything else, was to bring light and attention to really transitioning the state of economics in this country. And that he’d be a vessel and a vehicle to change things and to see balance on the planet.” (Hip Hop News 24/7)

Last year, rap star Rick Ross denied sex tape footage reportedly featuring him.

“just saw the so called sex tape..the n*gga had a louie flag in back pocket but forgot the tattooes..#fail,” Ross tweeted Thursday (September 23). (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Earlier in the year, The LOX’s Sheek Louch warned of the dangers associated with sex tapes and nude photos.

“[‘Picture Phone Foreplay’], that’s for the chicks that’s sending me them pictures,” Sheek said in an interview. “Word. That’s for them. They go hard on that camera phone…Nah, I’m not with it. Especially right now with how sh*t is, you send it to her and she puts it on all these sites and all that sh*t. I don’t think that’s cool. I don’t do that. Keep your sh*t to yourself until you’re with that girl. That’s it. Sextapes and all that sh*t is not healthy right now!” (Hip Hop Game)

Check out some past Slim Thug footage below:

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