Slim Thug On Paul Wall Shaking The Weight, “That’s A Coincidence Like A Motherf*cker”

Slim Thug On Paul Wall Shaking The Weight, “That’s A Coincidence Like A Motherf*cker”

With rappers like Paul Wall and Mike Jones shedding weight and trimming down these days, Houston’s Slim Thug recenty talked about showing off a slim look.

According to Slim, he used to get medical treatment to maintain his health but later decided to go onto a weight regiment plan.

“With the weight sh*t, I was going to the doctor and I used to be on 5 mg of blood pressure pills. Then they upped my sh*t to 10 mg, or maybe higher than that, I don’t remember, they upped my sh*t and was saying my sh*t was real high. So I was like, “How do I get off this sh*t?” I don’t want to take no pills for the rest of my life, and they were like, “Well, you got to lose weight. That might help, and change your diet.” And I did that. It still ain’t f*cking helped. I’m still taking the pills but I got used to it, working out, running. We run. I do some sh*t called Fun Fitness. I invited everyone out to come run three miles. We usually get 30 people out there. … [Paul and Mike losing weight?] Yeah, that’s a coincidence like a muthaf*cker. I know Paul had to get the Lypo sh*t [surgery] or whatever, but I haven’t even seen Mike, honestly. I don’t know, I can’t even speak for him. I ain’t even really seen him so I don’t know if he works out as much as me or what.” (Yo Raps)

This month, Paul Wall, who lost massive amounts of weight last year, gave SOHH his thoughts on Fat Joe losing nearly 100 pounds.

“It’s real encouraging and motivating to see Fat Joe and everybody that’s getting into health. I think [First Lady] Michelle Obama‘s “Get Fit” campaign, all of that stuff is just real encouraging all around where people are really recognizing being fat isn’t cool. You have to make a whole lifestyle change. You have to really want it. Some people want it but they want the food more. Food is an addiction. A lot of people don’t realize it. Food is an actual addiction. The hormones you get makes you hungry and it’s also about how it makes you feel. When you’re full, you feel good. A lot of people can’t go to sleep unless they eat. They always eat before they go to sleep and they can’t go to sleep unless they have a full stomach. Food is a drug and it’s addictive. It’s a whole life style change.” (SOHH Guest Star)

Last year, Wall revealed getting surgery to remove his extra weight.

“Honestly, when we were in Afghanistan and [reps for VH1’s] Celebrity Fit Club were contacting [me] about coming on the show, that was a h*ll of a wake-up call,” Wall said in an interview. “[Being fat] isn’t a secret. You can look in the mirror and try to hide it and cover it up, and it may work here or there, but there ain’t no shirt or hat you can put on or haircut you can get to hide the fact that you’re morbidly obese. That’s what the doctor said: I was ‘morbidly obese.’ I decided not to do [the show] but it was still a wake-up call to have people calling you saying, ‘Hey, you’re really, really fat.'” (Ozone Magazine)

In 2009, Mike Jones made headlines for losing close to 100 pounds.

When Mike Jones bust on the scene a few years back it was his catchy nursery rhyme-esque lyrics and hooks that gained him popularity. After the hype behind his nasal vocals and his very public cell phone number faded, Jones exited with little fanfare. But it appears that Jones has been working hard on his come back not just in the studio but also in the gym. Feeling the weight (literally) of a struggling career and his body mass, Jones says he dumped nearly 100 pounds following a diet of Subway and routine exercise. (Highbrid Nation)

Check out some past Slim Thug footage below:

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