Slim Thug Fires Shots At Rick Ross & Triple C’s, “I Got Mo’ Money Than You & Gunplay Put Together”

Slim Thug Fires Shots At Rick Ross & Triple C’s, “I Got Mo’ Money Than You & Gunplay Put Together”

Southern rapper Slim Thug has clapped back at Rick Ross and his Triple C’s camp over an alleged diss record.

Writing via Twitter, Slim said he had problem with Ross choosing not to address whether or not a name check on his new “King Boss” record was an intentional diss.

“Just threw @rickyrozay cd out the roof of the coupe haters get no play in my ride,” Slim tweeted Sunday (August 29).

“Naw yall ain’t gotta stop f*cking wit him for me I just heard what he had to say about me so if u dnt f*ck wit me I dnt f*ck wit u #datsall.”

“I reached out ask if it was a diss if it was old he shoulda just said dat but no response to me mean he still feel like dat.”

“I wasn’t talking bout the HELP I got mo money then u and gunplay put 2gether RT @TORCHCCC: Not U2 @slimthugga aka Slim Sukka I Promise this.”

“Gnr where yall maybachs at I’m thru talking bout it this shit goofy I’m fighting a case right now over clown sh*t like this.” (Slim Thug’s Twitter)

Ross allegedly responded subliminally with his own tweet to the “Boss Hogg.”

“realn*ggas pick up phones..a boss would kno better!!#trillshit,” he tweeted shortly after Slim Thug’s tweets. (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Triple C’s Torch was more direct with his comments and taunted Slim Thug.

“Not U2 @slimthugga aka Slim Sukka I Promise this aint the Attention U Want..,” he tweeted last night.

“I’m Not A Slim Thug Ima Fat Makk I don’t Give A Fukk I’LL Push Ya Hat Bakk.. Should I Make A Trending topik out this Guy Yall??” (Torch’s Twitter)

On Ross’ “King Boss,” the rapper takes a slight swipe at Slim Thug.

“I be in it for a minute,” Ross raps referring to a female companion. “She dated Slim Thug, but now she f*ck with me/She finally made it to the biggest boss, luckily/Rick Ross, see my life dog, similar to Phife Dawg‘s…” (“King Boss”)

Check out Rick Ross’ “King Boss” below:

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