Slim Thug Defends Hilarious NBA Free Agent Campaign: “I Sent Him A Few Pics Of The Top Strippers”

Slim Thug Defends Hilarious NBA Free Agent Campaign: “I Sent Him A Few Pics Of The Top Strippers”

Southern rapper Slim Thug has stepped forward to clarify his public pleas for NBA free agent Dwight Howard to pack his bags and depart Los Angeles for a shot with his hometown Houston Rockets.

Thugga said while Houston is known for its businesses and food, women could ultimately lure Howard.

“I was trying to tell him the best things, from my standpoint; I know the Rockets ran a lot of good things by him [in their pitch to the big man], but I was talking in terms of women,” Thug told MTV News. “Obviously he loves women, and if you love women, Houston is a great place, D. I seen your baby mama on ‘Basketball Wives,’ and there’s plenty out here that are way better than her that I’m sure he would enjoy. Not only that, we got the best strip clubs … Houston’s a real big, beautiful city.” (MTV)

Slim also took a couple shots at Howard’s former Los Angeles Lakers team having below average strip clubs throughout its city.

“L.A.’s strip clubs [are] horrible. They don’t even really have no strip clubs that he can go to. Not at all. Everything closes at two, and it’s all over. But if you go to Houston? Oh my God,” Thug laughed. “Dreams Houston has some of the most beautiful women in America. It’s a beautiful thing, man. And a lot of NBA, NFL all types of ballplayers are present every weekend in there. So I sent him a few pictures of the top strippers in the city, I’m sure he enjoyed that.” (MTV)

Yesterday, the Houston rapper unloaded a series of tweets directed at D-12.

“Yooo @DwightHoward what uppp gone come down to Houston G we got ya u already know Kobe gone act like a girl and blame u all season,” Slim tweeted July 1st.

“We real out here u can buy a big ass crib for cheap ill throw u a few assist on hoes make your next move your best move G @DwightHoward”

“We both got babymamas @DwightHoward do u know that they only get 20% in Houston it’s wayyyy worst in LA”

“Yo @DwightHoward meet @IAmMaliahMichel @MercedesMorr @miraclewatts00 @Lira_Galore @IAmTresureP @MisMODELKIKI @victoriarrrose @MAC_BXTCH”

“A @DwightHoward dat boy @JHarden13 out here living like a king”

“And @DwightHoward we got the Texans so not too much pressure on winning a ring this year we got time to grow u kno LA gone hate tho”

“And u can talk on the phone and text while u drive down here @DwightHoward” (Slim Thug’s Twitter)

While nothing is in the bag, Dwight’s already started to have active talks with the Rockets.

The Houston Rockets wasted little time in the NBA’s free agency period to attempt to lure Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard to Houston on Monday. A Rockets contingent led by GM Daryl Morey, head coach Kevin McHale, guard James Harden and forward Chandler Parsons met with Howard at the Bel-Air hotel in Los Angeles for more than two hours early Monday morning. (Sports Illustrated)

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