Sleepwalkas On Serving Up Fresh Lyrical Goodies, “Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can’t Cut It”

Sleepwalkas On Serving Up Fresh Lyrical Goodies, “Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can’t Cut It”

With the recent release of their album Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can’t Cut It, SOHH hit up Sleepwalkas to find out the motivation behind and significance of their colorful cover art.

According to Ciph Diggy, the album cover can be interpreted different ways.

“We tried to give you that original feel,” Ciph Diggy told SOHH. “Remember back in the days when you used to see the women in the household and how they baked? It was that beautiful era of woman and the cookies show off the cookie cutters, but they’re also showing you [that] we’re giving you a treat. We’re really serving it to you. We’re giving you everything that you need. We really tried to go in on the play on words and really express the whole Cookie Cutter Cornballs Can’t Cut It theme.” (SOHH)

Group member K. Gaines said the cover also draws inspiration from old school vinyl records.

“As far as the person who modeled it, it’s Lady J,” K. Gaines told SOHH. “She’s a known writer and she helped us out doing that. As far as the concept of it, I’m not sure if you remember those old 70’s albums where you would open them up, fold it and there would be an image on one side and you would see the reverse of it, so it’s just a [product] of that…to let people know we pay attention to all sorts of music. As far as the concept and album, we all put our all and energy into it…It was a beautiful team effort and we had a lot of right people at the right time that helped everything come together to make sure we could put this project out and have it be as professional as possible.” (SOHH)

Earlier this week, Sleepwalkas gave their personal reasons to support the new LP.

“The second reason is because of the lyricism and boom bap beats. There’s some dope tracks on here. The true essence of hip-hop is on the album. It’s really important as emcees to have lyricism because there’s a lot of rappers that’s really don’t focus too much on the lyricism. But as emcees, when you put a lot of thought and effort into the rhymes and structure, different patterns, you don’t really hear the same flow on every record. We switch it up. With the lyricism, there’s a lot of thought in what we’re trying to say and how we say it so it’s different. -DJ M-Tri” (5 Reasons Why)

K. Gaines also said the project’s overall vibe is reason enough to cop it.

“This album gives you good energy and a good moment. Dope beats. I like to think this has the same energy that we put into our live shows. We put so much energy into it and that’s what we’re really getting known for. We try to [bring] that same feeling [on] the album. The energy is what the people feed off of and we feed off the people, so it’s like a give and take. We give our all to the people and hope to get some of that back. -K. Gaines” (5 Reasons Why)

Check out some past performance footage of Sleepwalkas below:

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