Slaughterhouse Tackle ‘Top 5 Dead Or Alive’ Debate: “I’m The Best Rapper In The Motherf*cking Universe In My Head”

Slaughterhouse Tackle ‘Top 5 Dead Or Alive’ Debate: “I’m The Best Rapper In The Motherf*cking Universe In My Head”

Slaughterhouse’s Crooked I, Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden recently offered their take on the popular “Top 5 Dead or Alive” debate and why they sway away from those types of lists.

For West Coast member Crooked I, he said he avoids the “Top 5″ lists but sees his crew as some of the best rappers in hip-hop.

“I don’t claim to be top five ever because so much comes under that banner “ever.” Sales. Impact. You got a lot to consider when you do that. But if you say who is the top rapper, if you saying who is the illest on the mic and that’s it and you are not talking about anything else, I’m there, straight up. The lane that all of us have carved out on the Internet, the online rap movement alone should put us on that list. It’s like Joe said, we don’t allow no list to make us or break us. It’s just that, sometimes I be wondering, what the f*ck is on people’s minds?” (Complex)

East Coast members Joell Ortiz and Joe Budden held similar stances.

“Top five? Whatever man, that’s for the people to decide. I do this sh*t so when n*ggas mention hip-hop, they mention n*ggas who was doing it. I come up in a few of those conversations ’cause I leave it all in that booth. As long as I get an honorable mention, as long as the consensus is the dude can go, or “that n*gga can rap,” I’m fine with that,” Ortiz said. “I’ll be the sound bite that you looking for. I’m the best rapper in the motherf*cking universe in my head. And I reserve that right,” Budden added. (Complex)

Crooked I previously put his Slaughterhouse family in the SOHH Top 5 Dead or Alive list.

Joe Budden is in there because he’s got emotions with his music. Royce Da 5’9. He’s in there because since day one, he’s probably one of the only cats that can rock a song with Eminem and not get knocked out. Joell Ortiz. I think he’s in there because he represents that New York rugged and raw sh*t. Crooked I. I just think I’m the illest West Coast artist, ever.” (SOHH Top 5 Dead or Alive)

The California-bred emcee also recently said Shady Records boss Eminem is one of the best producer/rappers in hip-hop.

Crooked I, in particular, is excited to see Eminem behind the boards; he feels the MC has not gotten his proper due as a producer. “He doesn’t get his credit and his props for songs he’s been involved with and songs that he’s produced entirely,” the rapper says. “If I’m in a barbershop debating who’s the best producer-slash-rapper, nobody says Eminem. To me, it’s almost like a robbery.” (Rolling Stone)

Check out some recent Slaughterhouse footage below:

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