Slaughterhouse Name Their Favorite Hip-Hop Albums [Video]

Slaughterhouse Name Their Favorite Hip-Hop Albums [Video]

Slaughterhouse may be just weeks away from their Shady Records debut, Welcome To: Our House, hitting store shelves however the rap quartet recently revealed their own top three favorite albums.

Leading off the crew, group member Crooked I admitted his love for hip-hop classics ranging from the East to West Coast.

“That’s like asking me if I was stranded on an island, what three CDs would I take with me,” Crooked I said when asked to name his favorite album. “I’m a non-biased fan. I’m a fan of people from every region, from every market. That would be super tough but I would probably need [Tupac’s] Makaveli in there. I would need [Jay-Z‘s] Reasonable Doubt and [Nas‘] It Was Written. I’m one of those people who think It Was Written is harder and a better album than Illmatic.” (L.A. Leakers)

Joe Budden stuck to the New York region, naming hip-hop classics courtesy of Nas, Jay-Z and Slick Rick.

“It Was Written was a better album to me,” Budden said comparing it to Illmatic. “There’s really no debate if you slim It Was Written down to 40 minutes. I’ll go with It Was Written. I’ll go with The Great Adventures of Slick Rick and probably Blueprint, maybe.” (L.A. Leakers)

Group members Royce Da 5’9 and Joell Ortiz also got in their favorite albums.

“I gotta say Blueprint. Life After Death and [Dr. Dre’s] The Chronic,” Royce added. “I’d say Reasonable Doubt, Life After Death and Donell JonesWhere I Wanna Be.” (L.A. Leakers)

Recently, Crooked I hit up SOHH and said Slaughterhouse deserve Top 5 Dead or Alive honors.

“Joe Budden is in there because he’s got emotions with his music. Royce Da 5’9. He’s in there because since day one, he’s probably one of the only cats that can rock a song with Eminem and not get knocked out. Joell Ortiz. I think he’s in there because he represents that New York rugged and raw sh*t. Crooked I. I just think I’m the illest West Coast artist, ever.” (SOHH Top 5 Dead or Alive)

Check out Slaughterhouse’s interview below:

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