Skillz Promises To Jab Kat Stacks In “Rap-Up 2010″

Skillz Promises To Jab Kat Stacks In “Rap-Up 2010″

As we enter the final quarter of 2010, SOHH reached out to ghostwriting veteran Skillz to find out if Internet sensation Kat Stacks would be included in his annual “Rap-Up” year-ending release.

Known for utilzing rhymes to summarize each year’s pop culture highs and lows, Skillz said the rapper-exposing groupie earned her place in “Rap-Up 2010″.

“She’s definitely going to be in the ‘Rap-Up,'” Skillz promised SOHH. “I’m not sure how many bars she’s gonna get, she’s definitely going to be in there. It’s just, I caught onto it late because I don’t really pay attention to that kind of sh*t. I hit up some of the hip-hop blogs for the music so the gossip sh*t I rarely get into, but once it bleeds over, I might backtrack. She’s definitely going to be in there but it’s just odd to me because we all play a big part in it because we made it important. It’s like for Kat Stacks, it’s f*cked up because she’s important but if a plane hit a building tomorrow, Kat Stacks wouldn’t be that important.” (SOHH)

Skillz also questioned why people like Stacks have been able to maintain a steady buzz.

“In this day and age, we’re letting motherf*ckers who have no talent, who have no skill level and have no passion about anything get famous,” Skillz added. “This year, in this decade, it’s the best for the non-talented motherf*cker. There’s so many non-talented motherf*ckers in the game right now. There’s always been non-talented motherf*ckers in the game, but it’s non-talented motherf*ckers that’s in the game that’s women and that’s the sh*t that kills me. Like, these motherf*ckers is women? They actually have a career for doing what? Some of this sh*t we let slide, it’s killing me. Like, Lady Gaga wears a dress made of raw meat and people call that fashion? That’s fashion? Seriously. That’s what we’ve come to? I’m f*cked up. I’m in the wrong game.” (SOHH)

Female rap veteran Rah Digga recently shared her insight on Stacks.

“I’m a 50-50 fan of Kat Stacks right now,” says Digga. “She’s horrible as far as the role-model category, but I don’t put her in that category. I like the fact that she’s putting these dudes on blast…It’s funny to me when rappers get all beside themselves and egotistical and here comes a chick like Kat Stacks, who’s proud to tell you that she’s been passed around the industry. She’s like a virus that y’all just constantly keep feeding. So I’m like, ‘hey, if y’all going to keep letting her get away with the sh*t, then kudos to you, Kat.’ … I don’t feel like its all her fault. It’s a 50-50 shared responsibility.” (VIBE)

After Skillz dropped “Rap-Up 2009″, he explained his dedication to releasing the annual single for nearly a decade.

“As long as people want me to do it, I’mma do it,” Skillz revealed to radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “[I began] the 15th of the month. I usually start right after Thanksgiving but like I said, I went out of the country, I was out of the country for a while and you know, I was just trying to get my thoughts together and when I came home, I was just formulating how it was gonna go and when I was gonna leak it. I was in the UK, me and Jazzy Jeff…You can get [the song] on iTunes, it should be available on iTunes — I appreciate the people that like the song. It’s a good song, it’s a funny song and I think it works so well because it’s actually what people are thinking, they’re just not used to hearing it how I say it.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Check out Skillz’s “Rap-Up 2009″ below:

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