Skillz Drops “2011 Rap Up”, “We Watched ‘The Throne’ But Lil Wayne’s Jeggings Had A Life Of Their Own” [Audio]

Skillz Drops “2011 Rap Up”, “We Watched ‘The Throne’ But Lil Wayne’s Jeggings Had A Life Of Their Own” [Audio]

Keeping in tradition, Virigina rap veteran Skillz has released his highly-anticipated “2011 Rap Up” record highlighting the highs/lows of the past year from Gucci Mane‘s face tattoo to the NBA lockout.

Not only focusing on urban life, Skillz also name-dropped troubled Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen and reality star Kim Kardashian.

“Well excuse me, take a few minutes to mellow out, your boy Skillz on the mic back to tell about, the year 2011, who else gonna spit it to you, since you keep asking, I guess ‘I’m gonna give it to you’,” Skillz raps in the song’s intro, “The year started off with predictions galore/With birds falling out the sky and fish washing ashore/Great, what a way to start the race/Then Gucci Mane gets an ice cream tatted on his face/You thinking about a face tat, reconsider, because Ciara got played, by Rihanna on Twitter/Kim K proved she can hardly sing, and we all got caught up in the madness of Charlie Sheen — Oprah though, she went out like a pro, kept it real classy for her very last show/Got her own network, but that’s moving kinda slow, the moral of the story, be careful what you ask for.” (“2011 Rap Up”)

Along with highlighting Twitter beef as a popular theme of last year, Skillz also paid his respect to late entertainers Heavy D and Amy Winehouse.

“Every girl in the world went crazy when Beyonce announced she was having her baby,” Skillz continues, “That’s power, but ladies you can calm down/It’s not like you’re getting invited to her baby shower/Kim K, said the wedding wasn’t fake/But marriage? That was shorter than the East Coast earthquake/And yeah, we watched the Throne but Lil Wayne‘s jeggings, man them pants had a life of they own/A couple Twitter beefs got escalated, but the best one was Ray J and Fab in Vegas — Technology full blown ’cause if you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone/RIP to Steve Jobs for sure, ’cause that’s how you change the world before you go/Conrad Murray though, hit with fines and found guilty, he gonna have to do that time/Herman Cain rocked out and dropped out, the NFL dodged it but the NBA, had a lockout/That threw the season off course, d*mn Kobe, no prenup, now divorce — A lot of deaths this year, it was a shame to see, from Amy Winehouse to my man Heavy D, we lost a lot of people to say the least/They will all be missed, may they rest in peace/Y’all take care of yourselves and make sure you celebrate life in 2012.” (“2011 Rap Up”)

Providing a link to purchase the record, the rapper/songwriter thanked his fans for their support following its New Year’s Day release.

“I cant thank yall enuf. By copping this years Rap Up your supporting me and only me. #teamnorecorddeal,” he tweeted January 1st. (Skillz’s Twitter)

After Skillz dropped “2009 Rap Up”, he explained his dedication to releasing the annual single for nearly a decade.

“As long as people want me to do it, I’mma do it,” Skillz revealed to radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “[I began] the 15th of the month. I usually start right after Thanksgiving but like I said, I went out of the country, I was out of the country for a while and you know, I was just trying to get my thoughts together and when I came home, I was just formulating how it was gonna go and when I was gonna leak it. I was in the UK, me and Jazzy Jeff…You can get [the song] on iTunes, it should be available on iTunes — I appreciate the people that like the song. It’s a good song, it’s a funny song and I think it works so well because it’s actually what people are thinking, they’re just not used to hearing it how I say it.” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Check out “2011 Rap Up” below:

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