‘Sister, Sister’ Actress Responds To J. Cole’s “I Would F**k Tia & Tamera” Line

‘Sister, Sister’ Actress Responds To J. Cole’s “I Would F**k Tia & Tamera” Line

A day after J. Cole released his overly personal “Cole Summer” anthem, Hollywood actress Tia Mowry has responded to the Roc Nation rapper’s steamy reference.

Tia hopped onto her Twitter page to ask what Cole’s reference was about, which sparked a blush-like exchange between herself and the rapper.

J. Cole dropped “Cole Summer” late Monday night and it looks like Tia Mowry is just getting around to hearing the lyric about her and her sister: “If I had one wish, I would f*ck Tia and Tamera, at the same time/And put name tags on they titties so I don’t get they name wrong/Screamin’ “Game on”/Like Wayne’s World, that just came on” Naturally, Tia asked her fans on Twitter about the song because she was curious and J. Cole immediately responded. Tia: “So I’m hearing J Cole mentioned the sis and I in a song? Send me the link? I’m curious..” Cole: “Noooo @tiamowry Don’t do itttttttt” Tia: RT @JColeNC: Noooo @tiamowry Don’t do itttt- oh lord” (Complex)

The anthem even inspired elusive Twitter user Drake to shout out Cole.

“COLE SUMMER!!! Haaaaa. That’s my brother man. Bars too real. Too ill.,” Drake tweeted late Monday (April 29) night. (Drake’s Twitter)

No stranger to crushes, the North Carolina rapper recently revealed his teenage crush on R&B singer Alicia Keys.

“One time when I was like, 14, Alicia Keys had just came out, I was in love with her,” Cole revealed in an interview. “If you ask my mom, she’ll tell you. I had a super duper crush on Alicia Keys. There were a few of these in my life. Mariah Carey was one when I was real young and Alicia Keys when I was a little older, I felt like I had a chance. So I’m at this Alicia Keys concert with my cousin in Dallas, I’m 14, mind you, ’99, I’m like 14 — she ends her performance and I tell my cousin, ‘Yo, there’s only one place for her to go now. She gotta leave from the back.’ So I convince my cousin to go to the back. So now the same things that girls are doing to me at the shows, I was that guy. … I’m behind the gate and she just got in her car and passed. But my ultimate goal was that she was going to be like, ‘You, 14 years-old, [come with me].’ I say that to say there’s nothing weird a fan can do — I get it.” (“The Crosby Press”)

Earlier this year, Cole said he wished Carey had a daughter his age he could date during his younger days.

“Growing up, it was Mariah Carey,” Cole revealed in an interview with radio host Jenny Boom Boom. “Definitely. I used to pray that Mariah Carey had a daughter my age, you know what I mean? [laughs] Um, Alicia Keys for a while, when she came out. I had mad little young crushes. [Prettiest girl] in the game? … I’m looking at a picture of LaLa, she’s very pretty. Rocsi from ‘106 & Park,’ she’s very pretty. … Who else? Oh, Meagan Good. Meagan, good God. Rihanna’s pretty. [Those rumors] actually helped my record sales a whole lot. [laughs]” (“Jenny Boom Boom”)

Check out “Cole Summer”:

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