“Since People Know Me As A Pimp & A Player, The Number One Rule Is To Always…”

“Since People Know Me As A Pimp & A Player, The Number One Rule Is To Always…”

[In light of the upcoming Think Like a Man flick dropping this Friday, SOHH’s asking your favorite Hollywood stars and hip-hop celebrities for some relationship advice. Today, West Coast rap veteran Too Short reveals his biggest dating rule and relationship woe.]

Too Short says…

What you want to do is make sure you can have a very engaging conversation when you go out on a date with a young lady. We might go ahead and talk about what’s going on in our lives and things like that but you want to make sure it’s a very engaging conversation.

Make sure that it’s almost like an exchange. You want to share a little bit of information and make sure she’s sharing somet stuff with you at the same time. I would say ask her some questions to find out information or at least allow her to talk freely about herself.

Since people know Too Short as a pimp and a player, the number one rule is to always be a gentleman. You know you can’t lose with that. If you keep the line of communication open [while] going back and forth, and maintain that gentleman status, you can’t lose.

I’ve tried and I’ve tried to balance having a woman close by but also having my own personal space. I’m still kind of a rookie in that field. I feel like I should be asking other people how to make that work.

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