Shyne Releasing “Messiah” Record Next Week, “Snitches Take A Nap W/ The Fishes & The Rats”

Shyne Releasing “Messiah” Record Next Week, “Snitches Take A Nap W/ The Fishes & The Rats”

Deported rapper Shyne will reportedly release a new song called “Messiah” as early as next Monday (April 12).

According to reports, the track will be an uplifting message to his peers.

New track trumpets his NYC roots and delivers messages to the youth. The Belize-born MC spoke to MTV News on Friday (April 9) and announced that the launch of his movement begins next week as he drops his new song “Messiah.” As you’ll hear on “Messiah,” Shyne is still firm in his words but insists he’s not reckless. “I got the city on my back, pretty women in the sack,” the song begins. “Rollin’ in the Rolls/ Sit, sittin’ in my lap/ This is not a rap, fool, this is not an act/ Welcome to New York, blood, this is where it’s at/ Snitches take a nap with the fishes and the rats/ Buried in the dirt where the witnesses is at.” (MTV)

The rapper was originally set to debut his first post-prison track on DJ Khaled‘s Victory album.

“He fit me into his schedule and I appreciate it,” Khaled said about Shyne. “The thing is, the record got leaked. Some hacker actually leaked it and it messed me up because when they leaked it, the publishers on the production of the track — came at me and tried to come at me on some legal stuff so I couldn’t even use it on my album. That’s why I hate these hackers. They ruin surprises — but at the end of the day, at least the streets got it and we fed the streets.” (Jessie Maguire)

Last February, music executive LA Reid inked Shyne to a recording contract with Def Jam.

“I have come here to stand by Shyne and to officially kick off our partnership with Island Def Jam Music Group and Gangland Records and so it is really an honour to be here, really very special place. I am here because great people are worthy of travelling many many miles for it and I come here to say that your country is great and I hope you guys know that this is a great man from your country who deserves this kind of respect and who deserves this kind of support. So that is why we are here.” (7 News Belize)

After being deported to Belize last fall, Diddy spoke on his former artist’s situation.

“The overall feeling at the end of the day, a lot of people have always asked questions, I’ve never had any problem with Shyne,”Diddy explained. “I’ve never had any problem with him, I was looking forward to him coming home and just getting out here and letting people see what I saw. I think it was cut down too early, people never got a chance to see what I saw. The thing that bugs me out is people forget what was going on at the time, y’all was throwing so many stones at me telling me how Shyne sounded like Biggie. All the cats up here at [New York radio station Hot 97] was throwing stones at me and I was telling them, ‘Nah, the kid got something special.’ At the end of the day, when everybody go to jail, a lot of people jump on the bandwagon and it was beyond that to me…I never wish bad on anybody, I only wish somebody the best and I hope he gets to come back to the United States, he did his time and deserves to come back.” (Hot 97)

Check out Master P speaking with SOHH about Shyne below:

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