Shyne Recalls Belize Deportation, “I Always Knew It Was A Possibility”

Shyne Recalls Belize Deportation, “I Always Knew It Was A Possibility”

New York rapper Shyne recalls being deported after his release from prison last October in the new September XXL Magazine.

Despite serving nearly ten years behind bars on a gun conviction, Shyne reveals that being deported was not a big surprise to him.

“I always knew it was a possibility I might be deported. I had lawyers, and I had people with serious relationships working to get me a f*ckin’ opportunity to continue my life in the place that raised me and developed me and grew me, after payin’ my debt, ya dig?” (XXL Magazine)

Reports of Shyne being held by immigration hit the Internet in early October 2009.

His release is now under review, as representatives for the rapper revealed that the Brooklyn MC is being detained by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement at an unspecified facility in Western New York State. Officials are determining whether or not to deport the rapper, who was born in Belize, a rep explained. “Shyne is currently in federal custody while his future immigration status is determined,” the rep said in a message to MTV News. Shyne attorney Oscar Michelen emphasized to MTV News on Tuesday afternoon that Shyne has not been released, contrary to media reports. (MTV)

In light of the situation, Shyne’s former Bad Boy Records boss Diddy vouched for him.

“The overall feeling at the end of the day, a lot of people have always asked questions, I’ve never had any problem with Shyne,” Diddy explained. “I’ve never had any problem with him, I was looking forward to him coming home and just getting out here and letting people see what I saw. I think it was cut down too early, people never got a chance to see what I saw. The thing that bugs me out is people forget what was going on at the time, y’all was throwing so many stones at me telling me how Shyne sounded like Biggie. All the cats up here at [New York radio station Hot 97] was throwing stones at me and I was telling them, ‘Nah, the kid got something special.’ At the end of the day, when everybody go to jail, a lot of people jump on the bandwagon and it was beyond that to me…I never wish bad on anybody, I only wish somebody the best and I hope he gets to come back to the United States, he did his time and deserves to come back.” (Hot 97)

Shyne gave his first media press conference in November from Belize.

“Nobody’s perfect,” Shyne explained during a press conference. “A lot of us grow up in imperfect situations as myself and our lives continue to be imperfect but there are no excuses. President Obama didn’t make excuses, Governor Paterson over there in New York who’s a blind man and first African American governor didn’t make excuses…I make no excuses, I hold myself accountable for the mistakes I’ve made in my life but that’s the end of me or anyone. You make mistakes and the point is to transform those mistakes and that’s what I’m trying to do…I make music about life.” (Belizean 7)

The September XXL Magazine hits newsstands Tuesday, August 10th.

Check out Rick Ross speaking with SOHH on Shyne down below:

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