Shyne On Fake Rappers, “You’ll Never See Me F*ckin’ With None Of Them Dudes”

Shyne On Fake Rappers, “You’ll Never See Me F*ckin’ With None Of Them Dudes”

 Shyne has revealed certain restrictions he has when considering to collaborate with other artists, and why unauthentic rappers won’t receive any nods from him at all. 

From Shyne’s perspective, he does not believe in befriending any artists with police affiliation or who have testified in court.

“I’m not a bully,” Shyne said in an interview. “So I don’t believe in taking advantage of people per se, though, I do have my feelings on this issue. And you know that when people listen to my music, they’ll hear me talkin’ about it and how I feel about the situation. But it’s not that important for me in the sense of callin’ a muthaf*cka’s name. I don’t think about muthaf*ckas like that. And they don’t matter that much to me. But I won’t do a record with anybody that’s not who they say they are. I won’t do a record with a muthaf*cka that’s gettin’ on the stand. I won’t do no record with no cops, no sh*t like that. I’m not doin’ that. And that’s just personal. I won’t do it, I won’t talk to them, I won’t f*ck with them, I won’t look at them, I’ll keep it movin’ and have nothin’ to do with them. That’s just some personal sh*t…So particularly, that’s why I don’t do it. So I feel the way I handle it, is you’ll never see me f*ckin’ with none of them dudes. You will never see me shakin’ they hand– nothin’. I won’t be in they video, they can’t be in my video– nothin’. That’s how I handle it, by not f*ckin’ with ‘em.” (XXL Mag)

Earlier this month, Shyne called out rappers whose lives don’t coincide with their rhymes. 

“I don’t let goons take advantage of a square,” Shyne explained in an interview. “I’m just that type of dude. What’s right is what’s right. It’s like, I don’t have a problem with a civilian calling the police when somebody breaks into her crib, a mother saying, ‘Listen man, they got my baby boy.’ But when a dude get in the booth and he’s talking about the life that me and my partners lived, and he’s promoting that, but when real life happens he wants to be a civilian — be what you be. If you ain’t where we from or do what we do, then be that. I love Kanye [West], I love Kid Cudi and all these kids talking that truth they know. That’s their truth. But when a dude gets in that booth and he talks about truth, he testifies, or he’s working for law enforcement — he saying this sh*t’s a hundred, putting it in, but when it comes time, he talking to the cops…” (The Life Files)

Recently, Shyne dropped a track called “Belize” subliminally dissing 50 Cent and Rick Ross, due to the Miami rapper’s past work as a corrections officer.

“I be smoking trees in Belize when they find me,” Shyne raps, “Dude, dude, did everything he said, I’m about a dollar what the f*ck is 50 Cents…They want to know what I’m up to, sh*t, I’m living like I’m accustomed — in and out of customs, what the f*ck you thought fool, I’m a hustler, no, no, no, not the CO, bro, bro, it’s the C-E-O…” (“Belize”)

Earlier this year, Shyne put out multiple anti-50 diss records including “There Will Be Blood.”

“The champ is here and not a minute too quickly, like Mike, I’m back to the city to drop 50,” Shyne raps. “Upon my return, I empty the cartridge, got fat while I was gone, now I’ma send you where God is/Ah-hem, let me clear my throat — when you talk to the Feds, spell my name with a ‘y’/I hate rats and chumps, you guys ain’t gorillas, you’re f*cking chipmunks/F-Y-I, I’m the king of the jungle…” (“There Will Be Blood”)

Check out some recent footage of Shyne below:

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