Shyne On Bonding W/ Diddy, “I Haven’t Seen The Dude In Probably 12 Years”

Shyne On Bonding W/ Diddy, “I Haven’t Seen The Dude In Probably 12 Years”

Former Bad Boy Records artist Shyne recently talked about reuniting with ex-boss Diddy and why he is most focused on looking beyond feuds these days.

Asked about bonding with Diddy in Paris a few months ago, Shyne said the event was deeper than music.

“Nah, that was a man moment. When men get together, it’s not about no music, it’s not about none of that,” he said. “Men sit down and talk about men things. Music didn’t come up. I haven’t seen the dude in probably 12 years, and 10 of those years were in prison. We had so much to talk about other than music. But you never know. I feel life is about forward movement, and when you’re holding on to things, you really can’t move. And I try to keep it pushing. That’s what that meeting was about. Nobody’s perfect and if a man talks to you as a man and as a brother and says to you, “listen, I did this, I did that,” and really man up, what could you do?” (Huffington Post)

In April, he explained his inability to maintain a never-ending tension toward the Bad Boy Records CEO.

“If I couldn’t thank him for my fortunes, how could I blame him for my misfortunes? I can’t thank God in one breath and blame Diddy in another breath. I can’t work like that. This is a watershed moment, man, because I was one of those kids — the only code I have is honor. I did what I was supposed to do, I didn’t lie on another man to get myself out of trouble, I didn’t talk about what another man did or didn’t do to get myself out of trouble and that was the most important thing to me. And I was rewarded for that. I survived being incarcerated. I’ve been extremely fortunate, why, because I didn’t sit down and blame anybody. … I sat down and I held myself responsible.” (Belize 7 News)

A month prior, the rapper opened up on meeting Diddy face-to-face at Paris Fashion Week in France.

“You can’t overstate the cultural significance of what Shyne and Diddy reconciling means,” Shyne wrote. “You know I’m about it when it comes to them hammers, thus unfortunately this could have ended like Tupac and B.I.G. But what if Tupac and B.I.G ended like this and reconciled? Let’s celebrate this moment as a historical event and a victory for hip-hop and Afro and Latin American men trained to exterminate each other. It’s a new day! L’chaim!!!” (XXL Mag)

Recently, Bad Boy Records’ Cassie talked about meeting Shyne for the first time while in Paris.

“He is one of the nicest people, just like Rick Ross, and down-to-earth,” Cassie said when asked about meeting Shyne during Paris Fashion Week. “I like when people have very little words when they speak. When they say something, it means something. They’re not just talking to hear themselves talk.” (BBC Radio 1Xtra)

Check out a recent Shyne interview below:

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