Shyne Names His Top 5 Favorite Rap Albums

Shyne Names His Top 5 Favorite Rap Albums

As the new year settles in and artists continue to scramble with release dates, SOHH recently talked to rapper Shyne to find out what his Top 5 all-time favorite rap albums are.

All of Shyne’s picks dated back to the late ’80’s through mid-1990’s.

“Ah man, now this is a tough question,” Shyne responded when asked to name his Top 5 favorite rap albums of all-time. “My first choice is N.W.A.‘s Straight Outta Compton. I’d have to name the first Chronic [by Dr. Dre.] Tupac Shakur‘s Makaveli would be in my list. Definitely gotta include Notorious B.I.G.‘s Ready To Die. And I gotta say [Jay-Z‘s] Reasonable Doubt.” (SOHH)

Shyne also revealed his all-time favorite films to SOHH.

“My top five favorite movies, man, that’s tough,” Shyne said. “It’d have to be The 10 Commandments, Scarface, Godfather. I’d have to include Godfather 2 as well. My fourth choice would be New Jack City. That’s my Top 5 favorite movies of all-time right there.” (SOHH)

Remaining current, Busta Rhymes recently said Rick RossTeflon Don album was his favorite 2010 hip-hop release.

“My favorite album of the year thus far,” Busta said in an interview, “I would have to say it’s Rick Ross’ Teflon Don album. It’s do and through out. It’s a beautiful body of art.” (Billboard)

Last summer, Shyne hinted at plans to possibly drop an album with Cash Money Records co-founder Baby‘s label.

“I might do that. I’m not sure,” Shyne said about possibly releasing an album on Cash Money. “We’re still finishing the fine points and negotiating that. Maybe I’ll come with something six months later, [maybe] every six months. I’ve got so much to say, you dig? I don’t think I can answer all the questions on one album. So I definitely think we can put out two different albums on the same day at the end of the year, then come back with a third one or another double set six months later. Get all this sh*it off my chest.” (MTV)

Check out some recent footage of Shyne below:

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