Shyne Knows His Place, “I’m Inspired That I’m Not Jay-Z Right Now”

Shyne Knows His Place, “I’m Inspired That I’m Not Jay-Z Right Now”

Former Bad Boy artist Shyne recently spoke on his place in the rap game and why he feels motivated to reach Jay-Z‘s level of fame in the years to come.

With an album in the works after serving nearly ten years behind bars on a gun conviction, Shyne believes a hunger for more is his driving force.

“Preparing for my first album that’s coming out after so many years of not being able to live my dream, it’s really a dream come true. I’m inspired that I’m not Jay Z right now; I’m not getting a couple million dollars to do show. I haven’t sold 10’s of millions of records; I’m not on the level that I need to be. And that’s very important the Belizean people to understand when they measure what I want to do for them as a patriot and as a person that’s fortunate, and what at this point, I can do.” (7 News Belize)

Last year, Shyne told SOHH he hoped to collaborate with artists ranging from Jay-Z to Rihanna.

“I definitely want to collaborate with Baby, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane,” Shyne revealed to SOHH. “I’d also want to record with Usher, Rihanna, there’s a few people that I’m jacking their style, definitely. Obviously Jay-Z is always somebody you’d like to do a record with.” (SOHH)

He also revealed his close knit relationship with Cash Money Records’ co-founder Baby.

“Me and Baby have had a longstanding relationship for over 10 years, since I’ve been out in the streets,” Shyne added. “I’ve known him from way back then. We just kept that relationship. When I was in the pen, he got at me. When I got out the pen, he got at me. He’s always been one of those O.G.’s that always stood tall and do what people from the block do. That’s just what he does, he’s just a good dude. So it’s inevitable that we keep that connection.” (SOHH)

In light of Shyne’s path to Judaism, SOHH recently hit up Jewish reggae rapper Matisyahu to get his perspective on Po’s new religious views.

“I read the article and right away reached out to him,” Matis said referring to learning about Shyne’s newfound faith in Judaism. “I had a conversation with him and he was real cool. My feeling is that he’s [serious about his conversion]. Somehow, he really connected to this. He seems real about it and inspired when you’re talking to him — But he’s still the same guy. When you listen to him talk, when you hear him talk, you hear where he’s from. He didn’t change who he is. I’m sure he changed his lifestyle and a lot of things but I went through a very similar process, so I respect that a lot. I think it could be really good for Jewish people for him to do something like that. I think he can be an inspiration. He’ll be in New York soon…Definitely [expect a collaboration from us], we’ve already been back and forth on the e-mails. We talked about doing some shows together.” (SOHH)

Check out some recent Shyne footage below:

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