Shyne Keeps Street Theme On Post-Prison Single, “Survival Is The Rule, So F*ck The Law” [Audio]

Shyne Keeps Street Theme On Post-Prison Single, “Survival Is The Rule, So F*ck The Law” [Audio]

New York rapper Shyne has released a new record called “Roller Song” and features the former inmate returning to rapping about crime and street dreams.

On the record, Shyne speaks on the reality of being an ex-convict trying to support his family.

The newly-released rapper, who signed with Def Jam back in February, gets his roll on with his new street single, “Roller Song,” spitting hardly-rehabilitated thug raps over over a beat that sounds like it could’ve bounced around the Aftermath camp a few times. “An ex-con can’t get a job/so what I’m supposed to do to feed my moms?/You know what I’ma do, Help me God/because survival is the rule, so f*ck the law.” Clearly briefed on the world’s events since ending his nearly-10-year bid in October, Shyne talks Black presidents, stimulus packages, LeBrons and Sarah Palins here, singing his way through the hook. (VIBE)

Last February, Shyne inked a recording contract with Def Jam executive LA Reid.

“I have come here to stand by Shyne and to officially kick off our partnership with Island Def Jam Music Group and Gangland Records and so it is really an honour to be here, really very special place. I am here because great people are worthy of travelling many many miles for it and I come here to say that your country is great and I hope you guys know that this is a great man from your country who deserves this kind of respect and who deserves this kind of support. So that is why we are here.” (7 News Belize)

Shyne also confirmed the deal and revealed his respect toward Reid.

“It is an honour and a pleasure, not just for me but for Belize. Chairman Reid is on the level of Berry Gordy, Clive Davis, the biggest music men in the history of music, and so to have a partnership with Gangland Records and Island/Def Jam is incredible for me.” (7 News Belize)

After being released from prison in late October after serving almost a decade on a gun conviction, Shyne was deported.

Shyne was deported back to Belize on Wednesday October 28, 2009 where he will continue to fight for residency in the United States. In February 2010, the rapper was refused entry into the United Kingdom due to his criminal past. He had commenced his journey in Cancun, Mexico, but was deported upon arrival in the UK after immigration officials refused to allow him to enter the country. (Wikipedia)

Listen to Shyne’s “Roller Song” down below:

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